Get 13 Instant $20 Sign Up Bonus Apps Offering Bonus Rewards $20 Instantly

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Are you aware that Sign-up Bonus apps can help you make money online quickly and easily? Many apps quickly give a $20 sign-up bonus in different categories like Bank bonuses, Cashback apps, and investing or trading.

And the exciting thing is you don’t need to be an expert to know these apps completely or any investing or trading to make this happen. Many sign up bonus apps offers cash rewards to open account with.

We did research and listed the following apps that offer a $20 sign up bonus. Please read the entire qualifying criteria to get the bonus. Let’s get started.

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Instant $20 Sign Up Bonus Apps/Website (No Deposit)

We have mentioned different categories like Banks, Investment, Cash Back Apps, and Crypto promotion apps that offer sign-up bonuses.

With an easy sign up process you can make $100 a day with these apps. Not only $20, you can make $1000 fast with this money making apps.

Start with Attapoll referral code $20 to get $20 sign up bonus instant. Plus, you can also get up to $250 bonus using Freecash bonus code.

Free $20 Sign Up Bonus from Banks

Earn sign up bonus to open an bank account. Here are the banks that pay $20 sign up bonus and as for extra rewards try banks with immediate sign up bonus.

1. Tellus App: $20 SIgn Up Bonus

Tellus is a financial company that helps you to build your wealth with the ultimate mobile property management assistant. It offers a high-yield cash management account where the interest is paid daily.

Get a $20 Tellus sign-up bonus when you open an account and make a $200 investment within 45 days of account opening. Also, you can share your Tellus referral code to invite friends and earn $20.

Qualifying criteria (As printed on site):

  1. Use the current Tellus app member’s referral link to sign up.
  2. Minimum deposit of $200 within 45 days of account opening and maintain the deposit amount for 31 days.
  3. Tellus app is available on the web, play store, and apple store.

2. Stash App

Stash is a personal finance app that simplifies your finances by bringing together both banking and investing in one place for free. With Stash, you can open an investment account for just $5.

Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  1. Stash offers a $20 sign-up bonus to new users when they join the current member referral link and make an initial deposit of $0.01.
  2. You can double this reward to join the Stash referral promotion and earn $20 for every referral.

You can check out the best investment apps to make your financial journey more rewarding. Stash is a budgeting and investing app that works the same as Acorns and M1 finance.

3. Klarna App

Klarna shopping app is the best way to shop and discover the stuff you like. Klarna app’s buy now, pay later feature allows to breakdown the cost of your purchase from any online store into three smaller, interest-free payments.

Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  • Sign up for the Klarna app and get a $20 amazon gift card as a welcome bonus.
  • Make at least one online purchase on the Klarna app and claim the reward.
  • Bonus will be transferd into your Klarna account with in 1-2 business days.

Invite your friends on the klarna app and earn a $200 klarna referral bonus. Shop and discover with buy now, pay laters apps without any impact on your credit score.

Instantly $20 Sign Up Bonus from Cashback Apps

4. TopCashback

Another app with $20 sign up bonus is TopCashback.

TopCashback is a cashback site similar to MaxRebates and RebatesMe that rewards you cash back on your shopping. With over 4,000+ stores, TopCashback is leading the chart, and you can shop anything from your favorite brands.

Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  1. In order to earn the Topcashback welcome bonus, you need to sign up via this link and make a minimum of $10 cashback from your shopping.
  2. Remember the $20 bonus is valid only when you sign up via this standard link offer is something different.

Cashback apps are now an easy option to earn money. You can save nearly on everything. Get and explore the best cash back apps for the maximum cash back on your daily purchases.

5. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback app that allows you to earn money by submitting your receipts, watching videos, completing offers and more. You can also earn money by referring friends (which is a huge bonus). The best part? There are no strings attached!

Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  • When you sign up with Ibotta and make your first purchase through their app, they will give you $20 in exchange for using their service.
  • The only catch is that it has to be a grocery or drug store purchase, but other than that, there are no restrictions on what kind of products or brands qualify for the rewards program.

The best part about this app is that there are no limits on how much money you can earn per day or month, so if you love earning rewards from doing simple tasks such as checking out at the grocery store, then definitely give it a shot!

More apps like ibotta are Fetch rewards, and Checkout51 that give cash back for scanning receipts.

6. Hodlnaut

If you’re ready to make a move in crypto investment, Hodlnaut is the app that you need. Hodlnaut is the biggest crypto lending and borrowing platform that aims to help people grow their digital assets.

Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  • New users who sign up for Hodlnaut will get a $20 sign-up bonus if they make a $1000 deposit in a week and maintain the deposit balance for 31 days.
  • Hodlnaut’s welcome bonus amount always change so be sure to check out before opening an account.
  • If you feel $1000 is a high deposit amount to qualify for $20, then check the best crypto promotion apps that pay a welcome bonus and referral.

7. Makara

Makara crypto promotion offers a $20 crypto sign-up bonus to new investors, and a referral program also available. 

Makara is an automated investment platform for cryptocurrencies. With a world-renowned and patented technology, Makara provides personalized AI-powered trading recommendations and puts an end to manual traders’ decisions, emotions, and interpretation of charts.

Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  • Open a Makara crypto account via a referral link or official website and complete the verification.
  • Fund your Makara account with $50 and maintain the same amount for the next 6 months to claim the bonus.
  • You can earn up to $1000 in Makara to invite your friends to join.

8. Rakuten

If you do lots of online shopping, you must have encountered Rakuten. It is a top shopping cash back app which rewards are high as their welcome bonus and other offers.

Rakuten welcome bonus keep changing, and different links offer different rewards. Shop online through Rakuten and earn a $20 sign up bonus.

Rakuten Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  • Click the button to go sign up page.
  • Enter your name and details to open an account.
  • Install Rakuten browser extension on your device.
  • Make a total purchase of $30 or more within 90 days of account opening
  • You will receive your $20 Rakuten sign up bonus

Instant Sign up Bonus No Deposit Bank Account

Want to know about the instant sign up bonus no deposit bank account? Here is the list of banks that offer no deposit sign up bonus. Some banks may still require a minimum deposit balance.

9. Spruce money

Mobile banking platforms are making banking easier than ever by removing all the long processes for managing your savings. And Spruce money is one of the best mobile banking platforms that help you to manage, save and earn money with no fees. It also gives access to set up monthly spending goals and offers cashback from partnered stores.

New Spruce Money users will get a $20 sign up bonus to open a spending account and fund $200 within 45 days. You can also earn a $24 Spruce referral bonus to invite friends.

Checkout the latest Spruce Money sign up bonus to earn more.

Steps to Claim Spruce Money $20 sign up bonus:

  • Click here to open a Spruce Money account.
  • Fill in your basic details like Nam, Email, and Mobile No.
  • Make a single deposit of $200 or more within 45 days of account opening.
  • A $20 bonus will be credited to your account after following all the above steps.

10. Tada

Tada is a shopping cash back app that rewards you with a $20 sign up bonus when you open an account and scan your first shopping receipt. With Tada, you can shop daily groceries items at your favorite stores and get paid to scan the receipt. Tada has thousands of stores where you can get cash back even for daily food items like milk, bread, and eggs.

Tada offers a $20 sign up bonus to new users who open an account with a referral code and scan their first shopping receipt.

Steps to claim $20 Tada Sign up bonus:

  • Click the button to download Tada App or install browser extension.
  • Purchase items at any stores nationwide available.
  • Scan your receipt with Tada app to receive cash back.
  • $20 welcome bonus added to your account after you scan your first shopping receipt.

11. Temu

Temu is an online marketplace to shop the best and latest outfits and cosmetic products at a good cost. Temu has a variety of products for every occasion, and you will find out the best that suits you.

Temu also offers a $20 sign up bonus to open an account with Temu referral code. You can use the bonus to shop for your first product and get free delivery. Using Temu $100 coupon legit code on shopping will reward you and save more money.

Users can find more ways to unlock new reward on Temu app including, how to get free stuff on Temu.

Temu Qualifying criteria (As printed on-site):

  • Visit this link to open a Temu account.
  • Enter your name and email to verify your Temu account.
  • Make a purchase on applying Temu Coupon code: aci384098 to receive your bonus.
  • Earned bonus can be used for your next purchases, or you can withdraw it.

Also enjoy the Temu free gifts while playing games and referring others.

12. Venmo

Venmo is a online payment app that allows you to send and receive money. You can also split payments with friends and earn cash back on shopping with Venmo credit card. Venmo is a good option if you make lot of online payment.

Using the $20 Venmo promo code will give you a $20 sign up bonus when you open an account and spend latest $20 or more. Bonus is for new users only and exisitng users can join Venmo referral program to get $10 on every referral.

13. Axos Bank

Axos is an online bank that offers a $100 sign up bonus when you open a Reward Checking Account using Axos bank promo code “RC100”.  It doesn’t require any minimum deposit to open an account.

Axos is the top bank in our list of instant sign up bonus no-deposit bank accounts. It does not have any monthly fees or require minimum deposit funds. You can also get referral bonus to invite friends and invited member will get $20 sign up bonus.

Steps to Claim $100 Axos bank no deposit instant sign up bonus:

  1. Visit this link to open a new Reward checking account.
  2. Enter your basic details like name and email to sign up.
  3. Axos Bank will walk you through the whole process to open an account.
  4. Use Axos bank promo code “RC100” to get a $100 sign up bonus.
  5. There is no minimum balance requirement to open an account.


Hopefully, this list of apps that pay $20 sign up bonus will help you find an app of your choice. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the comments section, and I will be happy to answer them.


What apps give you $20 for signing up?

Many website and apps offer $20 sign up bonus to open account that Include, Tellus App, Stash App, Klarna App and More.
11 apps that offer $20 sign up bonus or more
2. Tada
3. Venmo
4. Stash
5. Klarna App
6. Tellus App
7. Spruce Money
8. Rakuten
9. Makara Crypto
10. Hodlnaut

How i can get $20 sign up bonus?

Spruce money banking is giving $20 sign up bonus to open account. To earn this bonus open a Spruce money account and fund $100.

How can I get $20 Quick?

Signing up for the apps can give you quick $20 in cash. Cashback and surveys app are mostly offer the welcome that you can earn.

Where can I get 20$ fast?

Open an Stash invest account to get $20 fast sign up bonus. To earn this reward use this referral link and start investing in Stash.

How can i get $20 fast?

Top ways to get $20 fast is to sign up for apps that pay you real money.
1. Temu
2. Tada
3. Venmo
4. Stash
5. Klarna App
6. Tellus App
7. Spruce Money
8. Rakuten
9. Makara Crypto
10. Hodlnaut
11. Remitly

What app pays you instantly for signing up?

Several apps like Temu, Survey Junkie, Freecash, Cash app pay you instantly for signing up. You can cash out money just after making a purchase on the app.

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