How To Get Temu Free Gifts? Is Temu Free Gift Legit (7 Easy Ways)

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Shopping on Temu app always feels exciting and rewarding, but getting Temu free gifts is even better. Temu is an online shopping platform where you can buy items like clothes, home products, and many more at a low cost. Temu always rewards users with free gifts and as a new user, you’ll get a $100 Temu sign up bonus.

There are so many ways to get Temu free gifts. You can join the Temu influencer program, play Temu games, invite friends, and use Temu coupon codes to claim free Temu gifts.

The quickest way to get Temu free gifts is to download the Temu app and access “You” > “Earn Credits & Free Gifts” on the Temu app. You’ll see the listing of all Temu free gifts like a Nintendo game switch and amazing deals to get free stuff on Temu.

In this article, you will find the best ways to get Temu free gifts and how to claim them. You will also know how to get amazing deals on Temu to save money while shopping.

7 Best Ways To Get Temu Free Gifts

Below are the 7 possible ways to get free gifts on Temu. and one of the popular and easy ways is by joining the Temu influencer program. Let’s see what are other ways to get Temu free gifts and what gift Temu offer.

Get Temu Free Gifts

1. Join Temu Influencer Program To Get Temu Free Gifts

The Temu influencer program is one of the easiest ways to get Temu free gifts if you have a lot of followers. As a Temu influencer, you can share Temu items with your audience and get free gifts in return.

To become a Temu influencer you need social active social media accounts on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

As you start promoting Temu items as an influencer you will get $300 worth of Temu free gifts.

2. Play Temu Games To Get Free Gifts On Temu

Playing games on Temu will give free items and gifts for free. Temu users can play different types of games on Temu app including Fishdom, Ballzonline, and many more. You will get Temu credits by playing Temu that can be used to get Temu free gifts.

Temu games can be played on mobile and computers as well. 

How To Play Games on Temu?

You can start playing games on Temu by downloading the Temu app on your phone. You will many games available on the Temu app that will reward free Temu gifts and coins.

Here is the simple process to play games on Temu

  1. Download the Temu app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the app and sign up for a new Temu account.
  3. Go to the profile icon and click on the Temu Games tab.
  4. You will find offline and online Temu games to play.
  5. Select the Temu game and start playing.
  6. You will win free rewards and Temu free gifts

3. Temu Free Money Codes To Get Temu Free Gifts

If you’re an existing Temu user you can use Temu free money codes for free Temu gifts. You can find Temu free money codes on the Temu app and website. Using Temu free money codes will save money on your shopping and will give you Temu gifts.

Here are the Temu free money codes that you can use:

  • Temu Free Money code – aci384098
  • Temu free code – aci384098
  • Temu buy6 get 11 free – aci384098
  • Temu buy 5 get 5 free – aci384098

4. Shopping on Temu Get Temu Free Gifts

Temu reward its customer with free credit and gifts every time they shop at Temu. Users get many free items and amazing deals that make the cost of the item very low. Start shopping in Temu and get free gifts.

5. Use Temu Coupon To Get Free Temu Gifts

one of the simple ways to get free Temu gifts is to use the Temu coupon code while shopping. Temu offers different coupon codes and deals on its platform. Users can copy the code to get free items and gifts on Temu.

Below are the best Temu coupon codes to get Temu Free Gifts

  • Temu 5 free gifts coupon code – aci384098
  • Temu new user free gifts code – aci384098
  • Temu free new user gifts – aci384098

6. Join Temu Affiliate Program To Get Temu Free Gifts

Temu affiliate program is one the best affiliate program to join. Unlike the Shein Affiliate program and the Walmart Affiliate program, it does not have any requirements. Any user can join and invite friends to earn free Temu gifts.

You can learn more about how to join the Temu affiliate program here.

7. Temu New User Gift: Shopper New User Gifts

New users on Temu can get gifts for free to open an account. Sign up using the Temu referral code “opt35230” and go to Temu Gifts tab to claim the bonus. As a shopper on Temu you will get extra Temu shopping gifts.

What Free Gifts Available In Temu?

There are different types of Temu free gifts available that you can claim, including the Nintendo game Switch, Temu free items, and many more things. Many users like me already got many free gifts from Temu.

How To Get Temu Free Gifts?

If you love shopping on Temu then you love to know how to get Temu free gifts. By simply downloading the Temu app using a referral code you can get Temu free gifts. Also, users can invite friends and use Temu promotional offers to claim free rewards.

Is Temu Free Gifts Legit?

Yes! Temu free gifts are legit and real. Many Temu users already got free gifts from Temu. Referring friends to Temu platform using a referral link is the legit way to get Temu free gifts.

There are a number of social media users on Reddit and Facebook that claim to get Temu free gifts. And you can also get it for free.


Temu is a really great platform to shop online and getting a free gift makes shopping more rewarding. It is really worth trying to use these methods to get Temu free gifts and all these methods are proven and legitimate.


How do you get Temu free gifts?

You can get Temu free gifts in many ways including the Temu Influencer program and Temu games. Writing Temu reviews will also get you free Temu gifts.

How many referrals for Temu free gift

Invite 3 friends to get Temu free gifts. Use the Temu referral code to invite and claim the bonus. For each invitation you will get Temu 5 free gifts.

Does Temu really offer free gifts?

Yes, Temu offers various promotions where you can earn free gifts. These can include:
New user sign-up bonuses: You might receive a free gift upon creating a new Temu account.
Referral programs: Invite friends using your code, and both you and your friend might get free gifts upon successful referrals.
Limited-time promotions: Temu occasionally runs promotions offering free gifts with specific purchase requirements.

Is it legit to get free gifts on Temu?

While Temu’s free gifts are real, there are a few things to consider:
Terms and Conditions: Always check the fine print associated with free gift offers. There might be minimum purchase amounts or other requirements.
Shipping costs: Some free gifts might have associated shipping costs, so factor that into your decision.
Limited availability: Free gifts can be limited in quantity and may run out quickly during promotions.

Where can I find more information about Temu’s free gift offers?

Above in this post, you will get all the information About Temu Free gifts and coupon codes.

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