ReceiptPal Referral Code 2023: Get 1000 Points Sign Up Bonus And Cash Back

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If you are looking for a ReceiptPal referral code to sign up and get free rewards, then you’ve come to the right place. ReceiptPal is a reward and cash-back app that offers free gift cards to scan your shopping receipt. New users to the app will get a 1,050 ReceiptPal sign up bonus.

ReceiptPal offers 1,050 points to new users when they use this referral code “AMST07ST to sign up and link their Amazon account. To get a bonus, use the referral code while signing up and scan your last shopping receipt.

In addition, you can use your ReceiptPal referral code to invite others and earn more. For each referral, you will earn 250 points that you can redeem for gift cards and cash. Invited users will also get 1,050 points to sign up.

Similar to ReceiptPal, you can earn more with ReceiptHog and Fetch Reward App. All these apps pays you to scan receipt.

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In this article, you will get to know about the latest ReceiptPal promotion and steps to apply the ReceiptPal referral code.

ReceiptPal Referral Code (AMST07ST): Use Code To Points

Use the latest ReceiptPal referral of 2023 to get free rewards and a sign up bonus.

Here are the latest ReceiptPal referral code:

  • ReceiptPal referral code – AMST07ST
  • ReceiptPal referral code 2023 – AMST07ST
  • ReceiptPal welcome code – SOAN16LA
  • ReceiptPal sign up code – AMST07ST

How Do I Use ReceiptPal Referral Code?

  1. Download the ReceiptPal app from the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Enter your name and email to create an account.
  3. During sign up, click on Have a Referral Code tab to enter the code.
  4. After adding, click on apply, or you can directly sign up with this ReceiptPal referral link.

What is ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal is a reward and cash-back app that turns your shopping rewards into points that you can redeem for free gift cards of favorite brands and coupons. Users need to submit their shopping receipts in order to get points and redeem points for gift cards from famous brands like Visa and Amazon.

ReceiptPal cashback and reward

ReceiptPal is a simple and easy-to-use app like Cleo and Ibotta that give you cash back for submitting your daily shopping receipts. ReceiptPal launched in 2013 for iPhone users, but now it is also available for Android users as well.

ReceiptPal Sign Up Bonus: Get 1,050 Welcome Points

Get a 1,050 ReceiptPal sign up bonus to register for a new account using this referral code. To get a bonus, add your email address and scan your last shopping receipt. Users will get 1,050 for joining the ReceiptPal app.

ReceiptPal sign up bonus

How To Claim ReceiptPal sign up bonus?

  1. Visit this link to open a new ReceiptPal account.
  2. Add your details, like name and email, to sign up.
  3. Use the ReceiptPal referral code while registering.
  4. Link your email and Amazon account to receive a ReceiptPal sign up bonus.
  5. 1,050 ReceiptPal points will be added to your account.

ReceiptPal Referral Bonus: Get 250, Give1000

After signing up, users can take advantage of the ReceiptPal referral program and earn free gift cards. To invite, get a ReceiptPal referral code from refer a friend section and share your with friends to earn a ReceiptPal referral bonus.

ReceiptPal referral bonus

Steps To Claim ReceiptPal Referal Bonus

  • Open the ReceiptPal app and log in to your account.
  • Go to My Account and click on the “Refer a Friend” tab.
  • Copy your unique referral code and share it with your friends.
  • Ask your friends to join and complete the process.
  • You and your friends will earn a ReceiptPal referral bonus.

ReceiptPal Benefits

ReceiptPal offers more ways to earn and save on your shopping. Not just scanning receipts but users can also join their referral program and Sweepstakes entries to earn more rewards.

Here are the following ways to benefit more from ReceiptPal:

  1. Referral Bonus: Invite more friends to join the app and earn free points on ReceiptPal. Redeem points to get more rewards.
  2. Sweepstakes Entries: Scan your receipt to get entry on Sweepstakes and get a chance to win weekly rewards and cash prizes.
  3. Bonus Games: Keep uploading receipts and get a chance to play games. Bonus games will add more points to your account to redeem for gift cards.

Is ReceiptPal Legit?

Yes! ReceiptPal is a completely legit and trusted app. ReceiptPal points are real, and many customers like me received their reward at given times with no payment issues.

It has 4.6-star ratings on the Apple App Store and 22k user reviews. I personally feel that ReceiptPal is a good app to earn rewards for scanning receipts.


ReceiptPal turned out to be a really great app for my use, and their referral program is really good to invite and earn. Using the ReceiptPal referral code will not only give you a welcome bonus, but you can also use yours to invite others to earn more. ReceiptPal has a great customer base and has been working fine since it launched.

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