Temu Sign Up Bonus: Get a $100 Coupon Bundle + $5 Per Referral (Unlimited)

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Finding the products that you love is just a few taps away with Temu. Temu is an online shopping platform where you will find all the latest fashion and cosmetics products. New users will also get a $100 Temu sign up bonus in from of coupon bundle.

Get a $100 Temu sign up bonus to open an account via Temu referral link or use Temu referral code “aci384098” and make first purchase. Plus, you can join Temu referral program, where you will earn a $5 referral bonus.

Sign up with the above Temu link to grab a $100 Temu sign up bonus. The offer is for new users only and will give users a $100 worth coupon bundle.

If you wish to join, use this latest Temu referral code “aci384098” to sign up and get a $100 sign up bonus from Temu. To earn this reward you need to make a single purchase of above $100.

Apart from $100, You can also get Temu $50 sign up bonus (new offer) and free stuff on Temu to open account. Use the Temu $50 sign up bonus code “aci384098” to get $50 sign up bonus.

Temu keep changing its bonus amount so we make sure you get the highest rewards. As per Temu promotion it is now offering $100 sign up bonus and $5 referral bonus to invite.

In this article, we will mention all the Temu promotions and how you can earn Temu sign up bonus.

What is Temu?

Temu is your one-stop destination for the latest fashion products, cosmetics & more. You will find exciting Products, Brands, and Tools only at Temu.

Temu has different products for different occasions, whether you want to dress up for a wedding or any festive celebration. With multiple payments option, you can easily shop and claim your $10 Temu sign up bonus.

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Temu Sign Up Bonus 2024: $100 New User Bonus

New users on Temu will get a $100 sign up Coupon Bundle to open a Temu account and place their first order above $100. To earn this Temu bonus, you need to open an account with the referral code.

Temu Sign Up Bonus offer

Being a Temu user you can also become a Temu reviewer and get products for free.

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How To earn Temu Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Visit this link to open a Temu account.
  2. Use the Temu referral code while signing up.
  3. Enter your name and email to verify your Temu account.
  4. Make a purchase of $100 or more to receive your bonus.
  5. Earned bonus can be used for your next purchases, or you can withdraw it.

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Requirements To Get Temu Sign Up Bonus

The requirements are very simple and easy. All you have to do is shop and a $100 worth coupon bundle will be added on next order.

Below are the full details:

  1. Open a new Temu account and verify.
  2. Sign up using the Temu code and shop at Temu.
  3. As a welcome user, you will be given a $100 worth of Temu coupon bundle.
  4. That’s it complete the shopping and get a coupon added to your purchase.

Temu Referral Code 2024: Free $100 Coupon Bundle Code

Use the latest Temu referral code of 2024 “aci384098” during checkout and get up to $100 sign up to use on your purchases. Below are the Temu referral codes that you can use.

  • Temu referral code 2024 – aci384098
  • Temu $100 sign up code – aci384098
  • Temu $50 sign up bonus code – aci384098

You can find out more Temu coupon code here. Plus more, Kubonus Temu code on its platform.

Where to put Temu referral code?

  1. Download the Temu app on your mobile.
  2. Open the app and enter your details.
  3. Click on Referral Code and enter the code (aci384098).
  4. After enter the code tap to apply.

How to use Temu referral code?

  1. Open the Temu app and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on “you” and go to coupon and rewards” tab.
  3. At top you will see the option to add Temu referral code.
  4. Enter the Temu referral code “aci384098” and click apply.
  5. You will get a $5 Temu sign up bonus and $100 coupon bundle.
  6. You can directly sign in with Temu referral link and claim the bonus.

How To Get Temu Referral Code?

To get your unique Temu referral code, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Open your Temu app and login to your account.
  • Click on My account>invite a friend and enter.
  • Copy Temu link or referral code to invite.
  • Share Temu referral code with others to invite and earn bonus.

Hope these steps will ease you to get Temu referral code.

Temu Referral Bonus 2024: Get $30, Give $5

Temu referral bonus reward is $30 for every 2 new users you invite to download the app. Share your Temu referral code with your friends and family member to earn Temu referral bonus.

Temu Referral Code

If you have a lot of friends, then you should check out the apps that pay a $100 referral bonus to invite people.

Want to earn more from Temu? join Temu affiliate program to get up to 20% on each sale. And more Temu referral bonus with its influencer program.

How To Claim Temu Referral Bonus?

  • Login to your Temu account via app or browser.
  • Go to my account and then click on referral tab.
  • Copy your Temu referral link and share it with your friends.
  • Once your friends join using your link and make a qualified purchase, you will earn a $10 Temu referral bonus.

Invited users on Temu will also earn up to $100 Temu sign up bonus.

If you want to 4x your reward, check out the $50 sign up bonus free money apps to earn more. Also join Temu to get Temu free gifts.

Is Temu Legit?

Yes! Temu is completely legit and has more than 10,000 working employees. You can easily shop and save with Temu, and there is a special discount for students in Temu. Temu also offer refund policy for up to 90 days after purchase.

You might be wondering whether they charge return shipping fee or not? Read how much Temu return shipping cost and what are the process.


Temu is a good platform for beauty products and dresses. Temu users will get thousands of options where they can choose anything they want. Plus, a $100 Temu sign up bonus is a good way to start on Temu, and you can earn more with Temu referral program.


How Much is Temu sign up bonus reward?

New users on Temu will earn a $100 sign up bonus to open an account. To earn a bonus, you need to make a qualified purchase within 10 days of joining.

How to use Temu Referral code?

Visit Temu.com and click on “Have a Referral Code” to enter Temu referral code and get a $100 Temu sign up bonus.

How to get free money on Temu?

Open a new Temu account to get $100 free Temu bonus on your first order and more you can earn $20 free money by inviting your friends to join Temu.

What is the best Temu referral code?

Sign up for a new Temu account using the Temu referral code – aci384098 and get a $100 OFF bonus on your first order and $10 sign up bonus.

What is the Temu $50 Sign Up Bonus code?

Feel happy with the Temu $50 sign up code “opt35230” to enjoy free shipping and $50 bonus on first purchase.

How much is Temu sign up bonus?

Currently, Temu is offering a $100 coupon bundle for new users to open an account using Temu referral code “aci384098”. Users can get extra bonus and reward to use Temu coupon code while making purchase with Temu.

Does Temu pay for signing up?

Temu does offer a $100 worth coupon bundle when someone use Temu referral code to sign up and do qualifying steps.

Does Temu really pay you $100?

Yes! Temu $100 coupon is legit and new users will get it by signing up. Make purchase of $100 or more in your first order to get Temu welcome bonus.

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