Stash Referral Promotion: $50 Bonus & $20 Referral Bonus

What if there is one app for investing in stocks, bonds, real states, and other investments? The Solution is Stash, a financial app that makes investing simple, allowing everyday Americans to set financial goals, build wealth, and achieve financial security.

Investing in a Stash app is very easy, and you can start investing in the Stock market at $5 or less. Stash sign-up bonus offers $50 to new users to join the Stash app using the Stash referral code to be a part of Stash’s 5 million+ community.

Stash referral promotion offers $20 for every qualified referral & $1000 for yearly referrals. Share your link to invite your friend and earn a referral bonus.

Stash helps you to build a personalized portfolio for better investment strategies. Take advantage of the Stash sign-up bonus and get $50 when you invest $300 within a month.

What is Stash App?

Stash app is an investing app that makes it easy for new investors to start investing in different stock market areas, real estate, bonds, and even into some alternative investments. Stash investing helps you manage a diversified portfolio and gives you personalized advice based on your risk profile. Stash makes investing affordable for everyone; with fractional shares, you can trade Stocks and EFTs at any dollar amount.

Stash App

If you’re a new investor, you’re going to love the stash app because it has a really clean and easy-to-use interface and a Stash referral promotion is also available to earn $20 for every referral.

How does the Stash app work?

First of all, what you need to know is that the Stash app is a versatile app that goes far beyond investing because they have mobile banking features. They also have cash back features you can opt-out to open a custodial account or retirement account.

Stash makes it easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone to invest in a personal brokerage account.

Here is the video on how stash app work.

Stash App $20 Sign-Up Bonus

Open an Stash investing account and get a $20 sign-up bonus to boost your investing. Add cash to your Stash account and claim the bonus.

Here is how to Claim $20 sign up bonus

  • Create an Stash invest account with $20 referral bonus link
  • Complete the registration and choose a Stash plan starting $1/month.
  • Link your bank account and fund at least $0.01 to a new stash account
  • Once all this process is done Stash will send you $20 rewards within 3 business days

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Stash Referral Promotion: $20 Referral Rewards

Stash referral promotion is giving a $20 reward to invite every new user on Stash App. Open an Stash investing account and grab your unique referral link to share with your friends.

How do you earn stash $20 referral?

  • If you’re a new user in Stash, create an account with a Stash $20 referral link.
  • After setup, grab your own unique stash referral code/link in the Dashboard section
  • Share your unique link to invite your friends on the Stash app.
  • You and your friends will both receive $20 bonus each.

When Invitees open an account and fund a minimum of $5 within 30 days of account opening and maintain it for 90 days.

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Stash Cash Back Rewards: “Stock-Back” Cards

Imagine receiving one share of ownership in a company every time you make a purchase. This is now possible thanks to Stash Stock-Back® Rewards. Stash’s popular investing app will offer cash-back on spending in the form of stock.

Stash cashback rewards are only available when you sign up for a Stash invest or Stash Banking account.

How it works:

Make an online purchase using a Stash Stock-Back card across the U.S and get rewards in the form of a fractional share of stock. It’s that simple.

Using Stock-Back cards will give you stocks of well-known brands.

Stash App Plans and Pricing

Stash has three plans for investors starting at $1/month. These plans can make it easy for investors to build their wealth and give you banking access to insurance access.

Stash plans and pricing
  • STASH BEGINNER | $1/mo.*
    • It includes investing, stock back cards*, banking, savings tools, and personalized advice.
  • STASH GROWTH | $3/mo.*
    • This package includes everything in Stash Beginner along with a retirement account with tax benefits*.
  • STASH+ | $9/mo.*
    • All the features of Stash Growth plus premium advice and children’s investment accounts.


Stash is a really great app for first-time investors who want to invest safely and need help. Additionally, the banking product allows users to manage their finances in one place. It is a good option for newer and younger investors to manage their money effectively, and the subscription model makes it cheaper in real terms as you grow your investment account.

Stash sign-up bonus and referral program allows users to earn more while investing and learning. Join the Stash referral program and earn $20 for every referral.

How to get $20 Stash Referral Bonus?

Open am Stash invest account and Share your Stash referral link to friends and family to earn $20 for each referrals. AS soon as they invited person link their bank account $20 will be credited in your account.

How do you get 50 dollars on Stash?

Create Stash account with the $50 referral link and link your bank account in the Stash app. You will get $50 Stash Sign-up Bonus.

How to earn Cash Back on Stash App?

Stash smart Stock-Back card give you cash back on every shopping you do using Stash Sock-Back card. Every time you make an online purchase Stash will reward you with some Stocks.

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