Temu Refer A Friend Code: Easy $100 Referral Bonus And 20% Commission[2023]

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Looking for the easiest way to earn money from Temu? then, Temu refers a friend program as the best option for you. Temu is an online shopping platform that offers latest items at very low cost. Plus users can join Temu Refer a Friend program and earn Temu bonus.

Temu Refer a Friend program offers a $10 referral bonus when you invite someone to join via your Temu referral code “opt35230” and they open a Temu account. Invited users will also earn up to a $200 Temu sign-up bonus.

If you have still not joined Temu then use this Temu refer a friend code to sign up that will give you up to a $200 Temu bonus. Plus you can also get free items on Temu.

Temu-100-Bundle- to get free items

In this article, you will find out How the Temu Refer a Friend program works and how to get the Temu Refer a Friend bonus.

What is Temu Refer a Friend Program?

The Temu referral program is a way for Temu users to earn free money and rewards by inviting friends and family. For every successful referral, both the referrer and the referred person will get a Temu bonus.

Temu Refer A Friend Program

A breakdown of Temu Refer-a-Friend rewards can be found below:

  • Referrer:
    • $10 for every friend who signs up and makes a purchase.
    • $100 if 10 referred friends make purchases.
    • Chance to get 100% cashback on future purchases.
    • Entry in the referral race to earn an extra referral bonus.
  • Friend:
    • $5 for signing up using a referral code and making a purchase.
    • $100 Temu coupon bundle code to get a discount.

Not only the Temu referral program but you can also join the Temu Affiliate program and earn up to $10,000 per month.

How it Works?

Here are the steps on how Temu referral program works

  1. Visit this link to open a Temu account.
  2. Enter Temu referral code while signing up.
  3. Go to profile and click on referral tab.
  4. Share your referral code with friends and family members.
  5. If the referred person makes a purchase within 30 days, you both will receive Temu Refer a Friend bonus

Temu Refer a Friend Code: $200 Temu Code

This Temu refer a friend code “opt35230” will give an instant $5 sign-up bonus and a $100 Temu coupon bundle to sign up. Use the latest Temu referral code and get rewarded.

Here are the latest Temu referral codes that you can apply while signing up:

  • Temu referral code – opt35230
  • Temu referral code $100 – opt16341
  • Temu referral code $50 – opt35230
  • Temu $5 referral code – opt16341

How To Refer A Friend On Temu?

Users can refer a friend on Temu through email, SMS, social media or directly share their link with referrals.

How to refer a friend on Temu

Below are the complete steps on how you can refer a friend to Temu:

  1. Open the Temu app and log into your account.
  2. Go to my account and click on the referral tab.
  3. Copy your unique Temu referral code or link and share it with friends.
  4. When someone joins using your link you will earn a Temu refer-a-friend bonus.

Temu Refer a friend Bonus: Get $10. Give $10

The Temu referral bonus is $10 for each new person who joins using your Temu referral code or link. Share your referral link with friends via SMS, email, or social media and ask them to join. Once the referred person makes a purchase, the bonus will be added to the Temu account.

Temu referral Code Not Working: How To Fix

are you having trouble that your Temu referral code is not working? Well, there can be a few reasons why your Temu referral code not working properly. All the reasons are down below.

  • Wrong Code: Make sure you apply the Temu referral code properly without any letter or number mistakes.
  • Expired Code: Use the valid referral code to sign up. For example – “OPT35230”.
  • Already Temu User: Existing Temu users cannot use the Temu referral code to sign up. Code must be used while signing up.


Temu Refer a Friend program is one of the best referral programs to earn money. It makes it easy to invite friends and family to get real cash. For every referral, the Temu Refer a Friend program offers a $10 referral bonus and $5 to the invited person. Make sure you take advantage of the Temu Refer a Friend program.

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