Best Free Money Transfer Referral Bonus Apps in 2022: Promotions & Offers

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Money transfer apps are the best way to send or receive money, whether you want to send money abroad or to your friends. All you need is a smartphone in your hand. Apart from their service, you can join their promotion to earn more money with referrals.

Money transfer services often include referral programs in their promotion to get new users to join their platform. And for every referral, they offer a bonus and cash rewards.

We have found the best money transfer referral bonus apps that offer you real cash, and you will get low transfer fees while sending money online. The list includes p2p payment apps and overseas money transfer services.

Let’s know the best money transfer service with referral bonus and how you can claim them.

Best Money Transfer Referral Bonus Apps in October 2022

Here is the list of latest Money Transfer Referral bonus services to make money with referrals for free.

Instarem: Get a $75 Referral Bonus

Instarem is one of the leading Money Transfer apps that offer a quick and easy way to transfer your money overseas without being charged high fees.

Instarem referral bonus

Instarem Promotions is offering a $75 Referral Bonus when you invite your friends to send money abroad for the first time. Also, you can take advantage of the $25 Instarem sign up bonus to join and make your first overseas money transfer.

How To Earn Instarem money transfer referral bonus?

  • Open Instarem app or log in to your account in browser.
  • Go To My Profile and click on refer a friend tab.
  • Copy your unique Instarem referral link or code and share it with your friends.
  • You will earn a $75 Instarem referral bonus for the first 3 users you invite to join.

If you want to join, use the Instarem referral code and get a $25 sign up bonus.

Venmo: Get a $10 Referral Bonus

“Venmo is an app that allows you to quickly and easily send money to your friends and family. Currently, Venmo has over 60 milion+ users with lots of Unique features.

Venmo referral code
  • Free to Use.
  • Cash shows up instantly.
  • Takes 1-3 days to transfer to your bank
  • Instant transfers cost 1% of the transfer amount.

Venmo Promotion offers a $10 Venmo Sign up Bonus who joins through a special Venmo Free Money Code. In addition, you can also receive a Venmo Referral Bonus when you refer new friends to Venmo.

How to earn Venmo referral bonus?

  • Download the Venmo app in your mobile device.
  • Click on Profile and go to the referral tab.
  • Copy your unique Venmo code to share with your friends.
  • You will earn a $20 Venmo referral bonus for every new user who join via your code.

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Western Union: Get a $20 Referral Bonus

Western Union is the most popular way to send money worldwide. For over 160 years, they have sent money to over 200 countries through over 340,000 agent locations.

If you want to send money overseas, then Western Union is offering an instant $20 sign up bonus reward when you make your first Transfer with special Western Union Promo codes, and also you can take advantage of an extra $20 Western Union Referral Bonus by inviting your friends to open an account.

How to earn Western Union money transfer referral bonus?

  • Visit the link to open a Western Union account.
  • Verify your account and transfer money overseas to get a $20 bonus.
  • To earn more, go to the Western union referral page and get your link.
  • Invite your friends and family members to join via your link.
  • For every referral you make will earn a $20 referral bonus.

Cash app: Get a $35 Referral Bonus

Cash App is now simple and easy to use when it comes to sending and receiving money, and the nice thing is that you can get a debit card to spend the money you receive from friends or family members directly.

Get a $35 Cash App money transfer referral bonus for each friend you invite using Cash App referral code. New users will get a $35 Cash App sign up bonus to open an account.

How to earn Cash App referral Bonus?

  • Click the link to join Cash App and transfer money.
  • After joining, go to Cash app referral tab.
  • Copy your new Cash App referral code to invite new users.
  • Share your code with friends and earn $35 referral bonus for each.

Read the Full Cash App referral guide to get a better idea.

Revolut: Get a $50 Referral Bonus

Revolut is a new banking service that allows users to transfer money globally at low costs in minutes. And because the Revolut account has no monthly fees or charges, it’s one of the Best Money Transfer Apps.

Current Revolut Promotion is offering a $50 Sign up Bonus when you join through a special Revolut Coupon code and make your first qualified Transfer. Plus, you can get an extra $50 Referral Bonus when you invite New users to Revolut.

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Zelle: Get a $10 Referral Bonus

It is an online payment network offered by major banks that makes it easy to transfer money. Zelle offers the fastest and most reliable way to send money through its Real-time Instant Payment Notification (RIPP) system, which keeps you updated on your transaction status.

Current Zelle Promotion offers you a $10 referral bonus when you invite new users to Zelle, and also, you can enjoy a $10 Zelle sign up bonus when you make your first Transfer through a special Zelle Referral Code.

Pangea: Get a $30 Referral Bonus

Pangea is an amazing Money Transfer app that allows you to send money overseas, and it’s secure, reliable, and low-cost money transfers, which makes global payments easy.

Pangea’s Current referral program offers a $30 bonus for each new user you invite using the Pangea referral code. Your referred users will also earn a $30 Pangea sign up bonus when they make their first money transfer.


Overall, Money transfer Apps are the best way to send money from one person to another. It’s a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to send cash quickly and easily.

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