Does Venmo card give cash back? How much cash back do you get with Venmo card in 2023

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Yes, Venmo card give cash back. You can Earn up to 3% cash back every month based on your personal spending with Venmo Card. 

Venmo card is a digital payment card that offers cash back rewards, and it is designed for people who spend money on the go and want to earn cash back rewards at the same time. You could use your transferred rewards to buy crypto from your Venmo account automatically. 

Ready for unlimited cash back with the Venmo Credit Card? Here’s how to get it:

Venmo card cashback rewards: How it works

Venmo 3% cashback category
Venmo 3% cashback category

If you’re a frequent Venmo user, it may be worth opening a Venmo card. You get 2% cash back rewards for up to $2,000 in purchases per quarter in the following categories:

  • Gas
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • On-demand services (including movie theaters and streaming services)
  • Entertainment (such as concerts and sporting events)

Venmo card cashback rewards: Categories

Venmo card cashback rewards: Categories include:

  • Groceries
  • Restaurants
  • Gas

Benefits of Venmo card

Benefits of Venmo card

There are many benefits why to consider Venmo card. These are listed below:

Earn Cashback: 

Venmo cardholders, You can earn cashback rewards on purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores. It depends on your personal spending, and you don’t need to set a category manually. You can earn cashback as below:

  1. Earn 3% cash back on the top eligible top spend category, 
  2. 2% on the next spend category
  3. and 1% on any and every purchase.

Virtual instant use card

Before your physical card arrives, you will get virtual card.

You can use your virtual card details to shop online wherever Visa® cards are accepted.

The Venmo app gives you total control to track all activities

You can track your card activity right alongside your crypto purchases and Venmo spending in the app – every purchase, payment, split, and reward. 

Split the cost using Friend-friendly

Split the cost easily with Venmo friends after paying with the card. Payments from your friends can be applied to your Venmo account or directly to your credit card bill.

Visa no-worry security

Venmo puts security at the top of its priority list. If your Venmo card is Lost or stolen, then you can disable it just by login into your Venmo app, similar to a discover credit card. When you get your Venmo card, then tap to enable. The Venmo card is covered under Visa® Zero Liability Policy⁴, so if any fraud purchase happens, you do not need to worry. 

Paying for everyday purchases with your Venmo card lets you earn cashback.

Your Venmo card automatically earns cash back every month. The cashback you earn is based on your personal spending, and it breaks down into the top and next eligible categories, as well as every other purchase made outside of those.

Redeem Cashback into Crypto:

. If you use Venmo credit for daily expenses like travel expenses, dining out, or online shopping, you’ll likely be earning 3% cashback or more via this category alone! This means that if your overall monthly spending equals $1K per month (or $100/week), then half of this amount ($50/$5) will go toward paying off your balance (plus any purchases made with the card). All this cashback can be redeemed into crypto, which can help you to diversify your investment portfolio.

Venmo Cashback into Crypto


You can earn cashback rewards on purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores. Cashback is earned on eligible net purchases in each billing cycle; you will receive your cashback rewards after the end of each billing cycle (the next one)


Is the Venmo card free with my existing Venmo account?

You can use the card anywhere that accepts Mastercard—no matter where you are in the world or what currency you’re paying with. The card is linked to your Venmo account, so it’s free to use. And if you already have a Venmo account, there’s no need to apply for a new account or create an entirely new set of credentials. You’ll get all of the benefits of having both a credit card and an online payment service under one roof, without any additional paperwork necessary!

The Venmo credit card does not have an annual fee.

The Venmo credit card does not have an annual fee. That’s right; you get to use the Venmo Card without having to pay a monthly or yearly fee! What’s more, there are no foreign transaction fees if you use your Venmo Credit Card abroad. You won’t be charged any of these either:

  • Penalty fees
  • Late fees
  • Over-the-limit fees
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