Pangea Referral Code 2022: $30 New User Bonus & Referral Offer

Are you paying heavy fee to send money abroad? With Pangea money transfer, you can send money abroad easily from your mobile devices without paying extra fees. You can check the current rate before making a transfer, and the new user will get 2 free international transfer every month.

Pangea’s active referral program offers a $30 referral bonus for each new user you invite using the Pangea referral code. Referred users will also earn a $30 Pangea sign up bonus when they make their first money transfer.

Get your $30 sign up bonus when you use the latest Pangea referral code “ARGFHYE” to sign up and make your first money transfer of $50 or more.

You will find all the latest Pangea money transfer promo codes and promotions here.

Let’s see how you can earn a Pangea referral bonus and how it is easy to send money with Pangea.

Pangea Referral Code 2022 Instant Reward

Join Pangea Money Transfer with our special referral code and get your $30 Sign up bonus for your first Qualified Transfer.

Here is the latest Pangea Money Transfer Referral Code:

  • Pangea Referral code 2022: ARGFHYE
  • Pangea money transfer referral code for New users: HELPINGDESI
  • Pangea Promo code for existing users: FUAFJTITS
  • Pangea money transfer Coupon code For a transfer over $2000: RHATPANGE
  • Pangea money transfer Promo code for Instant Bonus: NIGPANGEA
  • Pangea money transfer referral code for $30 Sign up Bonus: BOLYAREWA

How To Apply Pangea Referral Code?

  • Download the Pangea money transfer app and open an account.
  • Enter your mobile number and email to verify your account.
  • Click on “have a referral code” and enter the Pangea referral code.
  • You will receive $30 Pangea sign up bonus after you make your first international money transfer.

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What is Pangea Money Transfer?

“Pangea Money transfer is an amazing money transfer app that enables you to send money online and receive it instantly.”

Pangea money transfer

Pangea money transfer offers the most competitive rates to send and receive money anywhere in the world. The cash pickup option makes it easy for your loved one to receive money without making an effort.

It also offers a range of typical bank transfers, such as normal incoming and outgoing SWIFT transfers, deposits, and withdrawals into local accounts with HSBC or Santander.

Pangea Sign up Bonus: $30 New User Reward.

Pangea money transfer welcomes new users with a $30 sign up bonus when they open an account with a referral link and make their first international money transfer.

Here are qualifying steps to earn a $30 Pangea sign up bonus:

  • You must be 18 years old and a US citizen.
  • Verify your Pangea money transfer account.
  • Must enter referral code during sign up to earn bonus.

The bonus amount will be added after you complete your first money transfer.

Pangea Money Transfer Referral Bonus: Get $30, Give $30

After signing up, you can earn more with the Pangea referral program. Invite your friends to the app with your referral link and get a $30 Pangea referral bonus. There is no limit on the referral, so more invitation means more money.

Pangea referral bonus

How to Claim Pangea Money Transfer Referral Code?

  • Login to your Pangea Money Transfer Account.
  • Go to the Referral section and copy your unique Pangea money transfer referral code.
  • Now share your referral code with friends and family via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or any other way you prefer! 
  • Once They create a qualified Pangea account through your special Referral code and make their first transfer, you will get a $30 Pangea Referral Code.
  • New users who use your link to open an account will also get a $30 Pangea money transfer Sign up Bonus.

How To Send Money Trough Pangea?

  1. Enter an Amount: Enter the desired dollar amount to see your recipient’s precise amount. You can also input the amount in your recipient’s currency to view the equivalent amount in US dollars.
  2. Receiver details: You can directly send money to bank account or select the pick up in cash option to transfer money. Pangea has thousand of cash pick up locations in different countries.
  3. Confirm Payment: Pay for your money transfer with any major debit card.

Is Pangea money transfer legit?

Yes! Pangea Money Transfer is a completely legitimate company. Pangea was established in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing the transfer sector by offering users a robust, user-friendly mobile application to send money worldwide.


Overall, Pangea Money Transfer Referral Program is a great way to earn more money when you refer new users to the app. If you invite your friends and family, they’ll get a $25 bonus for the first transfer, and you’ll get $25 for every sign up using your Pangea Money Transfer referral code.

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