Temu Clearance Sale: Get 90% Off On Every Item And Best Deals (2023)

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Looking for the best Temu deals and sale offers then you must visit Temu for all clearance sales. Temu is an online shopping platform to shop items at a very low cost. And also run sales offers like Temu clearance to get free stuff on Temu.

Temu Clearance offers 90% off across various categories. Shop at Temu clearance sale to get the best discount on your favorite items. All items on the Temu Clearance sale have very low prices and you can get up to 90% off.

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In this article, you will find all the Temu Clearance deals and information to grab Temu clearance sale.

What is Temu Clearance?

Temu Clearance is an online sale run by Temu that offers up to 90% off on every category. Users can easily find the best items in every category at a very affordable price. Customers can get up to 50 to 90% off on regular items at Temu clearance sale.

Temu Clearance

It has a wide variety of items of every category that you can consider to buy before it runs out. Temu keeps updating the items so that users can get what they want.

How To Shop At Temu Clearance?

As a new user on the Temu, you can sign up with this Temu referral code to shop at the Temu Clearance sale. Existing users can follow the below process to shop at Temu all clearance sales.

  1. Download the Temu app on your mobile device or sign up with this link.
  2. Enter your name and email to verify your account.
  3. Go to Temu clearance page and find the item of your choice.
  4. Add them to the cart and you will see a 90% discount on every item.
  5. Make sure you shop as early as you can to get the best discount.

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Temu Clearance Sale: Up To 90% Off on Every Item

On Temu clearance sale customers can get up to 90% off on items like shoes, clothing, and Electronics. Temu Clearance sale goes live every week and you can find the items you need.

Temu all Clearance sale

Temu clearance sales run out very quickly so make sure you keep updating yourself by visiting Temu website.

Temu Clearance Sale Items: 90% Off on Everything

Below are the most discounted items of Temu clearance sales that you can shop.

Temu Shoes Clearance

Look for the best shoes on Temu all clearance sale to give a new boost to your shoe collection.

Here are some trendy items from Temu’s Clearance collection.

  • Memory Foam Cushioned Insoles For High Heels, Sneakers – $0.55
  • Multi-Functional Liquid Out Shoe Brush – Manual Press Type Cleaning Shoe Brush – $0.38
  • 1 Pair Shoelaces And 2pcs Shoes Clasps Set – 0.68

Temu Purse Clearance

Explore the bags & luggage items clearance at Temu. With Clearance, you can best collection of purses that will make your travel easier and more affordable. From trendy backpacks to stylish suitcases you will get everything on Temu clearance at a very low cost.

What does customs clearance completed mean in Temu?

Some Temu items are directly shipped from China, so they are checked by customs to make sure that the item is clear.

I talked with Temu customer service advisor Jodith about this and per his information “customs clearance completed this is about the shipping or delivery status of your package.”

This is an example. Your package has been released by customs, which usually means that during the international shipping process, your package has passed customs inspection and approval and can proceed to the next step of delivery or handover procedure.

You can also read out how long Temu takes to ship your items.


Temu Clearance is the best option if you are looking for deals and discounts on your shopping with Temu. On clearance, you will get items at much lower prices than others. It is the best way to shop in Temu to get free gifts and items.

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