Google Fi Referral Code (VHE67M): Get $20 Credit Off & $20 Referral Bonus

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Searching for a wireless plan that offers great connectivity with high-speed data plans? Then Google FI wireless plan is all you need. Google FI is a wireless plan that offers unlimited data and a $20 sign up bonus when you apply a Google Fi referral code to sign up.

Google FI has a referral program that offers a $20 referral bonus when you invite someone to join using your Google FI referral code “VHE67M”. Invited users will also receive a $20 credit on their first bill.

If you wish to join, use the latest Google Fi referral code “VHE67M” while signing up and get $20 credit off on your monthly plan. You can also use the Google Fi promo code and exchange your old phone to get money.

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In this article, you will find all the information about Google Fi plans and complete steps to apply Google Fi referral code.

Google Fi Referral Code: $20 Off Latest Bonus Code

Use the latest Google FI referral during sign up for a new account and get a $20 referral bonus.

Here are the latest Google Fi referral codes that you can use to sign up.

  • Google Fi referral code – VHE67M
  • Google Fi referral code 2023 – VHE67M
  • $20 Off Google Fi referral code – VHE67M

How To Use Google Fi Referral Code?

  • Download the Google Fi app to sign up for a new account.
  • Click on “have a referral code” to apply the referral code.
  • You can also use this referral link to sign up and a $20 bonus will be added to your account.

What is Google Fi?

Google Fi is a wireless plan introduced by Google to offer better internet speed with unlimited data. It offers great coverage at home and outside. Google Fi uses T mobile coverage and offers great WI-FI to boost user experience.

Google Fi

Google Fi is available in more than 170+ countries which makes it the first wireless service with the highest coverage range. With this, you can use it service any part of the world.

Google Fi Sign Up Bonus: Get $20 Credit Off New User Bonus

Google Fi is offering a $20 sign up bonus when you open a new account via this referral code and choose any monthly plan. Bonus will be credited once you complete 30 days of service

Google Fi Sign Up Bonus

How To Claim Google FI Sign Up Bonus?

  • Visit this link to open a new Google Fi account.
  • Enter the basic details like name and email to open an account.
  • Use this referral link or Google Fi referral code.
  • Choose any monthly Google FI monthly plan and keep it active for 30 days.
  • A $20 Google Fi sign up bonus will be added to your account.

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Google Fi Referral Bonus: Get $20, Give $20

Take advantage of the Google Fi referral program and invite your friends to earn a $20 Google Fi referral bonus. A referral bonus can be used as credit to purchase a subscription plan.

Share your Google Fi referral code with your friends and help them to join this wireless service. Your referrals will also get a $20 credit off Google Fi sign up bonus to use your code.

Steps To Earn Google Fi Referral Code

  1. Log in to your Google Fi account.
  2. Go to My Account and click on the $20 Off your bBilltab.
  3. Copy your unique referral code and click on refer now to invite.
  4. Once your referral signs up and takes any monthly plan, a $20 Google Fi referral bonus will be added.
  5. You can also keep track of your referrals.

Invited users will also get $20 off on their first bill.

Google Fi Promo Code: Explore The Exchange Order

With the Google Fi promo code and trade offer, you can exchange your old phone to get some money back.

Use the Google Fi promo codes to get up to $100 bill credit.

  • Google Fi promo code – 6M55H7
  • Google Fi promo code new user – 6M55H7
  • Google Fi promo code existing users – 7SAMFY6
  • Google Fi promo code s23 ultra – 7SAMFY6
  • Google Fi promo code pixel 7 pro – 7SAMFY6

Google Fi Plans

Google Fi offers 3 different plans for users to choose from. Plans start from $50/month and go up to $65/ month. Below are the full details.

Google Fi plans
LinesFlexibleSimply UnlimitedUnlimited Plus
1$20 + $10/GB$50$65
2$18 + $10/GB$40$55
3$17 + $10/GB$25$45
4$17 + $10/GB$20$40
5$16 + $10/GB$20$40
6$16 + $10/GB$20$40
Google Fi Plans Table, credit – TheMoneyNinja


Google Fi is the best wireless plan for those who travel a lot and need high-speed internet with international roaming. As Google Fi is starting you can get $20 credit off as a welcome bonus to sign up via Google Fi referral code. Users can also use the Google Fi referral code to invite others and earn a $20 Google Fi referral bonus.

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