How Long Does Temu Take To Ship? Shipping Cost And Time [2023]

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Have you just ordered an item from Temu and want to know how long does Temu take to ship? Temu is an online shopping platform that provides free Standard shipping mostly for all orders. As a new user of the Temu app, you will get a $100 Temu sign up bonus.

When placing an order on Temu, you can choose between two different shipping options Standard and Express. Standard shipping on Temu takes up to 8-25 days to deliver the item and is completely free while Express shipping costs $12.90 and delivery takes up to 9-12 days. Temu express shipping is free on orders above $129.

Temu Shipping ProcessShipping TimeCost
Standard Shipping8-25 DaysFree for every order
Express shipping (<$129 order)5-8 Days$12.90
Express shipping (more than $129 order)5-8 DaysFree on every order

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In this article, you will find the right answer about how long does Temu take to ship and Temu shipping cost.

Temu Shipping Process: How Does It Works?

The temu shipping process starts once you complete the purchase and choose the delivery option. They will take 1-3 days to arrange and dispatch your order. As soon as the order is received by the delivery partner Temu will send you the order detail and delivery date.

Temu shipping process

Usually, you will receive your order within three weeks. Since Temu’s US warehouse keeps a large supply of items, many users have received their orders within 5-8 days after ordering.

If the item is broken or you get a different item then you can return it within 90 days. First-time return shipping on Temu is completely free and you can learn more about Temu return shipping cost.

How Long Does Temu Take to Ship In US?

Once you place an order on Temu they start processing the order. Temu warehouse takes 1-3 days to process and ship your order. You will also get notified from Temu with an estimated delivery date.

As per the official Temu site – 

Temu shipping usually takes up to 8-25 days to deliver items depending on item size and shipping method. Temu will inform you about the package with the cost and delivery date in your email. You can also track each order on your Temu app.

Many Temu users also receive their items sooner because of item availability in the US warehouse. Learn more about Temu shipping process at their official site.

Temu Standard shipping is free on most of the items and takes up to 8-25 days whereas Express shipping is free on order above $129 and deliver item much earlier.

Temu Shipping Time And Cost

Temu shipping time varies depending on the country and shipping charge is also different. Temu needs 2-3 days to pack and ship your order and it completely takes up to 3 weeks to deliver. You can get your order much earlier because of third-party sellers in Temu.

Temu Shipping Time and cost

Temu shipping cost is free for most of the items. Temu express shipping costs $12.90 on orders less than $129. Temu will send you a confirmation message with the delivery cost and arrival time

How to track your order on Temu?

Tracking orders on Temu is very simple. You can get the shipping status of the order on the Temu app or the official Temu site. Get your order tracking number to track your order on Temu.

Steps to Track Order on Temu

Here are the complete steps to track your Temu order and see details.

  1. Open the Temu App or visit official Temu site.
  2. Go to My profile and click on the My Order tab.
  3. Click on your order to see item details and tracking number.
  4. You will see the delivery date along with the latest status of the item.


Hope you get the right information about Temu shipping and how long Temu takes to ship. In order to provide the best service to its customers, Temu works hard to deliver their orders as quickly as possible. As a Temu user, you can also get free stuff on Temu to invite friends.

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