Stacked Invest Promotion: $25 Waitlist Bonus + $10 Referral Bonus

Stacked invest is a new smart crypto investing platform that completely simplifies the investing experience. Stackedinvest crypto advisors help you to manage your assets & instantly invest in pre-built portfolios and strategies from leading hedge funds and traders.

Stacked invest promotion offers a $25 bonus to join the waitlist and early access to the future of digital asset investing.

Plus, you can also earn a $10 Stacked invest referral bonus to invite new members on the platform and a chance to win $50,000 worth of prizes and giveaways. Create an account and share your Stacked referral link to invite friends and family members.

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What is Stacked Invest?

Launched in April 2020, Stacked Invest is a cryptocurrency investment portfolio that allows you to invest in a range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH. You can connect your favorite crypto exchanges in less than 60 seconds and begin managing your portfolio instantly. The platform plans to go fully mobile within six months.

With the information Stacked collects, they create an expert-designed portfolio that is diversified to meet your crypto investment needs. Customers can access pre-built packages of investments from hedge funds, asset managers, indices, and equities through Stacked, as well as obtain investment advice based on their financial goals. Stacked is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to serve as a registered investment adviser (RIA)

Stacked allows you to invest alongside top crypto firms and indexes. Stacked is completely free for new users to join the Stacked manage portfolio waitlist.

The website itself is very clean and easy to use, with information clearly laid out in an organized fashion. There are no complicated graphs or statistics on your investment performance; instead, you simply have an overview of how much money you have invested and how much profit (if any) your investments have made.

How Does It Work?

Most cryptocurrencies have experienced exponential growth over the past few years, but if you’re not paying attention to the markets, it can be difficult not just to keep up but also to gain any significant profit from your investments. Staked Invest does all of the work for you by selecting and managing crypto portfolios that outperform the market.

Stacked Invest Work

You may be wondering how this works in practice: Stakedinvest manages these crypto portfolios using AI-driven trading bots that are programmed with self-learning algorithms that continuously refine their strategies based on data from historical market movements.

The result? Your cryptocurrency portfolios will automatically grow as they track and outperform leading digital assets without any intervention from human hands—no need for constant monitoring or strategic adjustments! With Staked invested secure platform and no fee, there really is no better way for newcomers or veterans alike to start investing in cryptocurrencies right away than with us at Stacked Invest!

  • Stakedinvest is a cryptocurrency investment platform that offers passive returns for cryptocurrency owners.
  • The minimum investment is $1,000, and you can easily buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies on the platform.
  • In addition to the opportunity to earn passive income from your portfolio, you also gain access to institutional-grade investment opportunities via Stakedinvest’s partner network of funds that invest in cryptocurrencies and other alternative assets.

Stacked Invest Promotion: $25 Waitlist Bonus

Sign-up for the Stacked invest and join the waitlist to earn $25 toward your Stacked Managed Portfolio and early access to a Stacked cryptocurrency advisor.

In addition, Stacked sign-up bonus can earn you huge rewards worth up to $50,000. Your chances of winning big prizes increase the closer you get to the top of the waitlist.

How to Join Waitlist for a $25 Bonus?

  • To join the Stacked waitlist, you must provide your email address.
  • After signing up, Stacked Invest will send you a verification email with instructions on how to complete this process.
  • Stacked will show your position on the waitlist, and 25 points for each point, you will get $1.
  • Deposit $100 in your portfolio for at least 30 days to earn a $25 waitlist bonus.

Stacked Invest Referral Program

Stacked Invest referral promotion is giving a $10 bonus for each invited user and getting a chance to earn a prize up to worth $50,000. Invited users will earn a $25 stacked sign-up bonus.

How to Join a Stacked Referral Program?

  • To participate in the Stacked referral promotion, you have to join the waitlist before registration.
  • Your unique Stacked referral link will be available when you join the waiting list. You can share your referral link with friends via email, social media, or in-person
  • Once your friend has signed up using your custom link, they will receive a $25 bonus, and you get $10 for each.

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Stacked Invest features

Stacked invest features help users to build their portfolios and learn along the way.

  • Automate your portfolio– Stacked cutting-edge tools keep your portfolio balanced and on track by monitoring the market 24/7.
  • Shoot for the moon, responsibly– As an SEC-registered investment advisor, our diversified investment strategies balance your risk vs. reward.
  • Built for simplicity– Stacked invest simple interface allows you to manage your entire cryptocurrency portfolio in one convenient platform.
  • Your money, your rules– Make adjustments, add contributions, withdraw funds, and track progress toward your goals anytime, anywhere.

Is It Legit?

Stacked invest is a totally legit and completely free platform. Stacked investment only provides tools to manage and grow your crypto money. All of your funds stay in your exchange account.

With Stacked Invest’s success and support from crypto exchanges, it is safe to assume that this is just the beginning. There will certainly be more in the future.

Make sure to enable 2FA in your account. It will give you more authenticity to your account.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cryptocurrency investor, Stacked could be the trading platform for you. The site makes it easy to build your own crypto portfolio, initiate trades, and use a pre-built artificial intelligence trading bot. 

If you’re worried about security, you can rest easy—Stacked features robust two-factor authentication and cold storage for funds, so your crypto is totally secure.

Stacked Invest Promotion gives you a $25 bonus to join the waitlist and early access to its features. If you want to learn more, visit their website at

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