Upromise Promotion $30.29 Welcome Bonus + $25 Referral Offer

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It is wonderful that you can earn cash back on every purchase, whether you’re going grocery shopping or buying clothes. Cash-back apps are a great way to save money while still earning cash rewards that enable you to spend less on your goods.

A popular cashback site, Upromise Promotion promises you can earn some money by shopping online. They state on their website that you can use it to pay for college when you shop online in over 1000 stores.

Upromise Promotion

Whether you’re in high school and trying to save for college, or you’re an adult going back to school and wondering how you’ll pay for it, Upromise has a solution for you! Not only will they help you save money on everyday expenses, but they’ll also give you the cash back you need in order to pay for school. It’s a free and easy way to get the cash you deserve for the education your hard work has provided!

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What is Upromise?

Upromise was founded in 2000 to help people save money for college by allowing you to link your Upromise account with a 529 college savings plan. An account you can use to save for post-secondary education and sponsored by a state. It launched its rewards program a year later, rewarding parents saving for their children’s college education with cash back. 

They founded the company because they wanted to help people save money while attending college. Sallie Mae bought the company in 2006, and it had 7 million members at the time.

There are a lot of ways to save money with Upromise. One of the ways is to get a Upromise World MasterCard. You get 10% of your money back from the card when you use it to buy things online. You can only use the card to buy things online, and you can only use it for special things. You can only use the card for things like movies, gas, and restaurants. 

Keeping a no annual fee card around is also a good way to save for college. Your credit score is influenced by the length of time your credit lines have been open. You can get great rewards for all your day-to-day purchases, you can start building an excellent credit history, and you can save for college. 

This can’t be the only way you financially prepare for college, but as a small part of a larger plan, Upromise Promotion gives good rewards for your time and effort.

Upromise Promotion

As of now, Upromise has three active promotions. Now you can create a free Upromise account and get $30.29 sign-up bonus and receive a Mastercard under Upromise Promotion which allows a number of discounts with up to 50% cash-back. So what are you waiting for? Join Upromise today!

Upromise Sign-Up Promotion: Get a $30.29 bonus Credit

Currently, New Upromise users can earn $30.29 Upromise sign-up bonus when they open and link 529 plan. Use the below link to register for new account.

Upromise sign-up process

Sign-up for Upromise account

  • Sign-up with this $30.29 Upromise promotional link.
  • $5.29 sign-up bonus to verify your email and a $25 bonus when you link your 529 plan.
  • You can register your credit cards and debit cards.
  • When you shop through the website, you can earn cash back. 

Member’s cash back rewards account balance must meet the minimum transfer amount to be eligible for transferring cash back rewards into a linked 529 account. Bonus available for new members only

Check out Upromise before doing any online shopping to see if you can find a good deal with one of the 600 retailers that partner with Upromise. With this method, you can receive 1% to 25% back on your online purchases.

  • Upromise Promotion also lets you use loyalty cards from grocery stores, supermarkets, and drug stores. There are some products that qualify for additional savings, such as Bounty paper towels and Fisher walnuts. 

The site has a complete list of items that qualify Upromise Promotion for extra savings. You can save a lot of money on quality deals when you buy the products on the list. When you pay cash for groceries instead of using a credit card, you even get cash back. Upromise shopping

  • Referrals are another way to earn cash back. If you refer a friend or family member to Upromise, any shopping that that person does will result in some cash back being attributed to your account.

Upromise Referral Program $25 Bonus

Join Upromise referral promotion and earn a $25 referral bonus to invite your friends on Upromise. To invite friends on Upromise follow the below steps:

Upromise referral bonus
  1. Sign-up for Upromise 529 college plan and get your own referral link from the “invite friends” section.
  2. Share your Upromise referral link to invite your friends and family members or you can
  3. You will get a $25 Upromise referral reward as soon as the invited user earns $25 cash back within 180 days.
  4. You can track your referral earnings directly from your Upromise Refer a Friend & Family page.

Share your referral link unlimited times because there is no limit in the Upromise refer-a-friend program.

Using your referral link to send traffic from paid search ads, domain redirects, contextual tiles, pop unders, link injections, or other direct traffic link manipulations is expressly prohibited

Upromise Mastercard:

The Upromise Mastercard is a rewards card that gives you money back on all the things you buy. You get $100 back after spending $500 in the first 90 days that you have the card. You also get a bonus when you link your card to a college savings plan, which is a special kind of account that you can use to save money for college.

Upromise cash back card

If you’re approved for the Upromise Mastercard, you’ll earn up to 1.529% in cash back for every $1 spent. You’ll also earn 5% at participating restaurants instead of the regular 2.5%. But the biggest value of the Upromise Mastercard comes if you connect your card to a 529 College Savings account. If you do, you’ll receive a top rate of 1.529% cashback!

Upromise Promotion: Credit Card Rewards

Earning Rewards

You can earn cash back rewards if you use this card. You can earn 1.25% cash back rewards if you don’t have a Upromise account and 1.529% cash back rewards if you do have a Upromise account linked to your card. You can earn a $100 cash back rewards bonus if you spend $500 on your card within the first 90 days.

Redeeming Rewards

If you buy something using your Upromise Promotion Mastercard, you get 1.25% of the money you spent back. If you want to use your money for college, you can save it in a 529 college savings plan account. You get 1.529% of the money you spend back. You can get 1.529% of the money you spend back if you use your Upromise card to buy things for your college.

Rewards Potential

To find out how much cash back you could get with the Upromise® Mastercard®, we have to look at what an average family spends on a credit card each year. Forbes Advisor uses government data to help us figure out what a family spends. The average family makes $100,172 a year and we base spending on that number.

Forbes Advisor says that an average family spends $26,410 each year on credit card bills. If you use the Upromise® Mastercard® and earn 1.25% cash back, you will get $330.13 back each year.

Is Upromise Legit?

Yes, Upromise is a real program. When you sign up for Upromise, you will get a card that you can use at the stores and restaurants that are part of Upromise. When you use your card, you will get your money back. 

You can also get money back by using coupons and by using your Upromise card at the stores and restaurants. If you do that, you will get money. Upromise was started in 2000.

Pros and Cons:

Earn money with the cash-back rewards program by visiting restaurantsCan only earn cash back at particular restaurants if you don’t have the Upromise Upromise® Mastercard®
Tap into more rewards and cash-back features with the Upromise® Mastercard®If you sign up for the Upromise® Mastercard®, you could be tempted to take on more debt.
Upromise is free to sign up forLow cash-back rate at 1.529% with the Upromise® Mastercard® (As of Sept. 9, 2021)
Link your Upromise account to your 529 plan and save more quicklyUpromise® Mastercard® has high APR rates


In general, Upromise is an excellent site if you’re looking to set up a college fund for yourself, your kids, or other family members. Their specialty is college funds. Moreover, it is the only cashback site I have seen that offers this type of opportunity.

If you are looking for a way to save money, Sign-up and participate in Upromise promotion to earn good cash back and perks. It is a great way to save money for short-term goals like saving for a car or a down payment on a house. The Upromise rewards card is a good option if you already have a credit card you use regularly.

But if you’re just looking to earn extra money through cashback rewards, it may not be the best cashback site for you. Due to the fact that you can only receive cash via check, you will have to wait quite a while to receive it.


Is Upromise worth it?

Upromise may be worth the time it takes to upload receipts and link accounts if you remember to shop through the app or online. You don’t have to pay for using the service, so you can test it out for free.

How do you use Upromise rewards?

In order to sign up for Upromise, you will need to link a 529 College Savings plan or another type of checking or savings account.Every month, rewards are transferred automatically to your account during the first week of the month. Earned rewards are transferred each month automatically during the first week of the month rewards. The minimum number of rewards you must earn to meet this requirement varies according to the number and type of accounts.

What stores participate in Upromise?

Customers can use Upromise at many different stores to earn rewards, including both in-person and online retailers, such as local grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Costco, CVS, RiteAid, and Frys. You can submit your receipt to Upromise once you have made a purchase in-store. Buying milk, eggs, and bread every day will earn you rewards.

Which restaurants participate in Upromise?

You can earn Upromise rewards at nearly 10,000 different restaurants across the U.S. Some examples include Santoro’s Pizza in Tampa, Florida, and Tacos Times Square in New York City. You can use the Upromise portal and app to search by location, restaurant name, or cuisine type to find a full list of participating restaurants.

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