7 Best Apps Like Temu Shopping [2023]

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Saving money on your shopping has become more easier and rewarding with apps like Temu. As you know, Temu has become one of the best shopping destinations for users to get items for free and at discount rates.

However, there are plenty of apps like Temu that help you to get items at low prices and you can use all these apps at once.

We have researched and find out the 7 best apps like Temu that will surely make your shopping more rewarding and help you to save money.

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In this article, you will find out the latest and best alternatives of Temu to shop and save money on your shopping.

7 Top Apps Like Temu To Shop And Save Money

Here is the list of the best apps like Temu that reward you for shopping. You can also read out the best cash back apps like RebatesMe and Abound to get more.

All these apps are free and available on every platform, some of these apps also offer a sign up bonus. There is a high chance that you may find apps that have more rewarding offers than Temu.


Shein is one of the biggest online fashion and lifestyle retailers. It offers a variety of branded clothes at a low price and apart from clothes, you can also find many products and accessories. Shein is now available in more than 150 countries and has millions of users.

Shein shopping

Why are we saying that Shein is an app like Temu because it offers a discount on every product you buy and just like Temu coupon code you can use Shein promo codes to get additional off on your products.

  • Best For – Clothes, Shoes, Electronics.
  • Availability – iOS, Android, Web browser


The second app in our list of Apps like Temu is Target. Whether you want groceries, essentials or clothing Target has everything you need. Target offers great products with great discounts at your home location and you can get what you want in a single click.

Target is our number one pick because it has gained the trust of users and has more than a million users. The best part is that you will always find a Target store near your location and it is available in all 50 states of the USA.

  • Best For – Groceries, Beauty products, Men and Women’s clothing.
  • Available – iOS, Android, and Web Browser.


Shopping with Etsy is more rewarding and easy. Etsy offers tons of variety of products to its users at very low prices just like Temu. With Etsy, users can also buy handmade products or sell their products. You can easily save money on your shopping with Etsy.

Etsy Shopping app

Etsy has every type of product like Home Home Favourites, Jewellery & Accessories, Clothing & Shoes, and more. Users can easily pick items and buy them.

Etsy is exactly like Temu because it gives you high discounts and saves extra money on your shopping. You can also earn extra by joining the Etsy Affiliate program.


Just like Temu AliExpress is also a Chinese online marketplace famous in USA for its deals and discount on products. You can literally shop for anything you want and it does not cost any shipping charges.

AliExpress Shopping

AliExpress is available in more than 200 countries in 18 languages. As they mention on their site that you will save up to $8 on every $20 you spend.

Shopping with AliExpress is more rewarding and fun just like Temu. We can say that it is one of the top alternatives of Temu. They also run flash deals and games to earn while shopping.

An additional bonus is also given when you use the AliExpress coupon code to shop with AliExpress.


Amazon is a popular worldwide shopping platform known for its all-in-one service. You can find everything you want and get the item delivered right at your door. With Amazon, you can shop for home items, and clothes, find the best deals, and much more.

Amazon has more than a million users on its platform. It will be bad not to mention that Amazon is the face of online shopping platform.

As a user, you can also earn an additional bonus with Amazon referral program and invite friends to join.


This is not the end of apps like Temu, there are still soo many apps that offer items at a low price but it will be hard to say which is best suited for you. All these apps like Temu are worth trying because we personally used these apps and got the best to best results.

We will keep updating new apps after testing, for now, these all are best from our side. You can subscribe to our email or notification to get the latest update about this.

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