OnJuno Promo Code: $100 New Checking Account Bonus And Referral Offer

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Have you ever wondered about getting a paycheck in the form of crypto? With Juno (formerly OnJuno), people can receive all or part of their paychecks in crypto. Onjuno allows you to get up to 5% cashback which you can take as cryptocurrency like bitcoin. 

Get a $100 OnJuno sign up bonus when you use the OnJuno promo code: “Reff007” to open an account and deposit a fund of a minimum of $250. Also, you can take advantage of the ongoing OnJuno promotion, where you can earn a $100 OnJuno referral bonus to invite new members to the app.

Let’s break down everything that OnJuno promotion currently offers, including the ability to get paid in crypto and how to apply the OnJuno promo code.

Onjuno promo code for July 2022: HELPNG2590

What is Juno (Formaly OnJuno)?

Juno is a cryptocurrency payment store that offers products and services at juno.finance.com. In addition to Coingate, CoinZoom, Celsius Network, and Strike, OnJuno competes with other top crypto payment stores.

Juno was formerly known as OnJuno and is one of the upcoming neobanks launched in 2017. There are offices in the US and India, and the company’s headquarters is in Singapore.

Why Onjuno?

  • To improve financial outcomes for immigrants, ex-pats, and anyone who wants to reach their financial goals faster, Juno aims to provide a high-earning financial platform.
  • Juno offers a lean, innovative approach to banking in an increasingly competitive market. They want to provide a better high-interest rate platform than a bank. 
  • OnJuno is currently offering a whopping 1.20% interest rate on checking accounts. 
  • 5% cash back at select merchants when you spend with cash and 10% back when you spend with crypto. With that kind of interest and cashback rates, OnJuno even offers better returns than many savings accounts.

OnJuno Promo Code: $100 Checking account Bonus

Use Juno promo code: Reff007 to open a new checking account and get a $100 bonus when you make your first deposit of $250 or more within 60 days.

How to apply Juno promo code during sign up

OnJuno Sign up
  1. Go to the official Onjuno site or Click the above button to sign up for an OnJuno account.
  2. You need the below entry to fillup while signing up
    1. Your name
    2. Phone number
    3. The address of your home
    4. Identification number (SSN)
    5. Verification of your identity (driver’s license, passport, or legal identification)
  3. Now use the Onjuno Promo code.” Reff007“.
  4. Deposit a minimum of $250 in your first direct deposit.
  5. You will receive the bonus in your OnJuno account once you have met the requirements.
  6. Your Onjuno virtual card will be available as soon as OnJuno has verified your information.

Onjuno Referral Promotion: $100 Referral Bonus

OnJuno referral programs is offering a $100 referral bonus when you refer a friend to open a new checking account and set up a direct deposit.  Share your Juno referral link/code with your friends.

What’s even more? Your friend will also receive $100 when they use the Onjuno referral to sign up. You can refer up to 10 times to earn a total of $1000.

How to Claim a $100 Referral Bonus?

  1. Login to your Onjuno Account and search for referring a friend.
  2. Use your unique OnJuno referral code or link to invite friends.
  3. A direct deposit of $250 into a friend’s account is required.
  4. Refer a friend and receive $100.

OnJuno Metal Checking Account

Juno Metal Checking account Features:

  • Interest is paid up to $50,000 at 1.20%. Once $100,000 is reached, the interest rate drops to 0.25%, then to 0% APY.
  • Get 5% cash back on cash purchases up to $3,000 a year
  • Physical black metal debit card included
  • Fees for ACH transfers are zero
  • A $1 fee is charged for same-day ACH transfers (outgoing)
  • Withdrawals at over 85,000 ATMs are free of charge (in the network)
  • Withdrawals from ATMs outside of the network are free for three withdrawals
  • Fees for foreign transactions are 0%

Benefits Of Onjuno Account:

Here are the benefits of the Onjuno Meta Checking Bonus:

  • 10% back on crypto spends

You can earn crypto-back for shopping on Amazon or riding with Uber, whatever your choice is.

  • Earn 6% on your crypto

Use your idle crypto to make money right from your checking account. 

There is no lock-in, no fee, and no minimum balance requirement.

  • Get paid in crypto

Direct deposit your paycheck in any crypto wallet of your choice and receive part of it in crypto:

  • Pay yourself in multiple currencies
  • Payroll integration made easy
  • Zero Fees

Onjuno extra offers

In reality, OnJuno is not a bank. It is a fintech company that works with Evolve Bank and Trust as a partner bank to offer banking services. 

Two alternative high-yield checking account options are available on OnJuno. Right now, both checking accounts provide a 1.20 percent interest rate boost on specific balances.

Additionally, it provides a reward benefit of up to 10% when using cryptocurrency and a cashback bonus of 5% on some debit card transactions when using cash. 

These qualities, when combined, can make OnJuno an extremely alluring checking product.

Additionally, it enables users to receive payments in cryptocurrencies, instantaneously convert cryptocurrencies to cash, and earn up to 6% APY on USDC.


The OnJuno banking solution is one of the best options today for people looking for a financial solution that can handle both their cash and crypto management needs. 

It is hard to beat 1.20% rates even if you aren’t into crypto.


Is OnJuno legitimate?

Yes, Onjuno is Legit, OnJuno uses encryption on their website, and their partner bank, Evolve Bank and Trust, insures deposits up to $250,000 against the FDIC.

What is onjuno sign-up bonus

OnJuno is a fintech/neobank that is currently offering a $100 referral bonus if you open an account using a referral link and complete a direct deposit of $250 or more. The account has no fees or minimum balance requirements. Even better, the bonus posts immediately after you meet the requirement.

How does OnJuno make money?

When you spend money with your OnJuno Debit Card, brands pay interchange. OnJuno and the Network share an interchange fee. 
Juno receives a portion of the interchange even though we give you Cashback on Debit Card usage.

Does OnJuno have a sign-up bonus?

If you make your first direct deposit of at least $500, you will receive a $100 bonus. Your qualifying deposit must be made within 30 days of opening your account to receive the bonus.

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