Amazon Referral Bonus 2023: Earn $1000 Employee Referral Reward

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Amazon is a big company that is expanding day by day across the globe and requires more to work for them. It creates a great chance for working amazon employees to recommend someone who fits the required position.

The Amazon referral bonus is a great reward program, and there is a lot of money to be made by referring your friends to Amazon. Amazon offers $500, $1,000, or $2,000 for referring your friends for a possible position.

You can also earn Amazon Brand referral bonus on sales generated from non-amazon marketing place like, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Let’s talk more about this in detail below.

Get ready to take advantage of the Amazon employee referral program and know how much of a bonus an employee can receive for each referral, given how big of a company Amazon is. This article will look at how you can claim an Amazon referral bonus.

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What is Amazon Employee Referral Program?

As the company continues to grow, Amazon started an employee referral program to hire good employees at Amazon. Employee suggestions will make the place better to work.

People working on Amazon can recommend friends or relatives to the required position and earn up to a $1000 Amazon employee referral bonus.

Amazon employee referral program

The selected candidate will also get a $2000 bonus if he stays on Amazon for at least one year. Aside from that, you can earn extra bonuses if you are productive and can work during your vacation.

Amazon Referral Bonus 2023: Invite And Earn $500 Bonus

Amazon employee referral program rewards up to a $500 bonus for each referral you make. The referred person must work more than 60 days to claim an Amazon referral bonus.

There can be a variation in the referral amount based on the position. If the referred candidate gets selected for the higher position, then you will get a $1000 Amazon referral bonus.

Remember, the higher the position, The bigger the reward.

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How do I apply for Amazon Referral Bonus?

It is easy for the current member to refer a person on Amazon for a required post. All you need to do is check your eligibility and whether you are qualified enough or not.

Check Eligibility 

  • You must be a full-time working employee on Amazon with good credit.
  • Ask to site HR desk or ERC to check if you’re a qualified employee or not.
  • Once they confirm, you are ready to refer and earn.

Find the Job Listing

Find the best job position and refer the person you think might be suited for this job.

Search for a position based on the qualifications and experience of the candidate. It is better if they have experience in a similar position.

Submit the Referral Details

Open the Amazon job finder page and enter the details of the referred person for the interview.

Your friend can also enter your amazon employee referral code on their job interview application. Amazon will contact the person you referred for the job.

How Much Does Amazon Refer Employees?

As previously indicated, you will get a $125 bonus for the Tier 1 position, which is connected to certain warehouse duties. You may also receive a greater bonus if you work in other areas. Remember that the higher your reward, the harder the hiring process is.

According to the staff, the employee recommendation scheme even offers a $125 bonus. This amount may change if the recommended candidate takes a job with a higher salary. There are also some situations where you are not eligible for a bonus. It can be because of some obligations or a lack of documents.

Advantage Of Amazon Employee Referral Bonus 2023

  • Attract Amazing Candidates

Candidates applying through Talent Referral typically fulfill the initial standards because they all have friends who work for the company and are familiar with the job’s requirements and culture.

As a result, it improves applicants’ chances of getting hired and reduces the amount of time the hiring team spends reviewing and cross-checking resumes. Internal employee recommendations have a higher chance of revealing bright candidates than other recruitment methods.

  • Simplify The Recruitment Process

The hiring procedure has been drastically accelerated. The first selection of new employees can be made inside rather than at a job fair, employment agency, or another venue, simplifying recruitment. It is encouraging for Amazon positions that urgently require more employees.

  • Save Time And Money

The recruitment procedure was streamlined to save time and money. Additionally, the hiring team can spend less time searching for and reviewing resumes.

By only compensating referred candidates when they are hired, the Amazon Employee Referral Program helps minimize recruitment costs. Because the recruiting budget is guaranteed to find the best candidate for the open post, it is more successfully used than other recruitment channels.

Does Amazon provide additional financial benefits to its employees?

Amazon provides its workers with a wide range of cash advantages in addition to referral bonuses and holiday bonuses.

The 401(k) plan is one of Amazon’s most well-liked financial perks for staff members. Amazon matches $0.50 of every $1 an employee puts l toto their 401(k) plan. Therefore the employee’s account increases by $0.50.

However, the maximum amount you may put into your 401(k) for Amazon to match is 4% of your qualified earnings. Additionally, Amazon does not match employee catch-up contributions.

It’s also crucial to remember that after three years of vesting services, you become eligible for Amazon’s matching contributions.

To whom should you recommend Amazon?

Choosing somebody to recommend to Amazon is also crucial because of how much attention Amazon gives to the skill level of its employees. Many individuals believe they can refer anyone to obtain a bonus. However, the situation is more complicated than that. The applicant must promise to work for Amazon for at least 60 days and ensure that the work is completed effectively.

It would therefore be advisable to introduce a dedicated person with more experience in this area. Additionally, you helped ensure that Amazon would thoroughly review the applicant. You will get a bonus from Amazon once you have fulfilled all of your obligations.


Overall, the Amazon Employee Referral Bonus is quite good if you recommend someone a new job and you get paid for it. It depends on what position the candidates work for. At the lowest position, you will receive a bonus of $125. 

Besides that, Amazon also provides its employees with other benefits. So if you recommend your family, then it will be great for both of you!

Amazon Referral Bonus FAQs

Do Amazon employees get a bonus for referring someone?

Yes! When associates recommend potential candidates for certain roles at Amazon, they receive an outstanding referral bonus. It’s a win-win situation when the new employee is effectively hired, receives a salary, and the referrer is rewarded for their efforts.

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