WorldRemit Referral Code [3Free]: Get $30 Sign Up And $30 Referral Bonus

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Have you ever wished you could send money to someone abroad without going to the bank? WorldRemit has made that possible. With the help of the WorldRemit referral code, you can now easily sign up and send money to 120 different countries. You’ll find the best exchange rates and fast delivery time, and as a bonus, new users can receive a $30 sign-up bonus.

To get started with WorldRemit, simply use the referral code “3Free” when you open your account and make your first transfer of $50 or more. That’s all it takes to earn your $30 sign-up bonus!

If you’re new to WorldRemit, you can sign up via this Referral link or by using the latest WorldRemit referral code “3Free” to register and get started today.

WorldRemit Referral Code: $30 Sign Up Bonus

When your referral signs up for WorldRemit using your referral link or referral Code and makes their first transfer, you will both receive a $30 bonus (in Voucher). The WorldRemit Referral Program is a way to earn money by referring your friends and family to use WorldRemit to send money internationally.

Use the latest WorldRemit referral code to get a $30 welcome bonus, or sign up with the link (promo code auto-applied).

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  • WorldRemit referral code for new user – 3Free
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You can send your first money transfer and pay no fees when you open a WorldRemit account using this link (no promo code is required).

In addition to the WorldRemit money transfer App, check SendwaveTorFx, XE, and CurrencyFair Money Transfer as well as Skrill and Ria Money transfer to earn more.

How to Apply WorldRemit Referral Code?

If you refer WorldRemit to your friends and family and they will join using your Worldremit referral code, then you will get a $30 referral bonus (in Voucher). Follow the below steps to refer to Worldremit.

  1. Login to the WorldRemit website 
  2. Get your unique referral code from WorldRemit’s “refer a friend” page.
  3. Share your referral code with friends or family. You can also share on social media.
  4. When Your friend or family joins Worldremit using your referral code and does your first money transfer of over USD 50, you’ll both receive a reward voucher.
  5. Reward voucher amounts may differ per the country you’re sending money to and the country you’re sending money from.
  6. You can use the voucher for any of the upcoming transfers until its expiration date, provided that you meet the minimum spend amount requirements.
  7. If you use promo code 3 FREE when you complete a transfer, then you Pay zero transaction fees.  
  8. You can refer more people to earn a WorldRemit referral bonus. There is no limit to how many people you can refer and earn. You can also follow the top referral bonus page to earn more.

WorldRemit Sign Up Bonus offer: $30 New User Bonus

If you don’t have a WorldRemit account yet, you can create one and earn a $30 sign-up bonus by using a referral code or a referral link. The process is simple- just create your account, use the Referral code or link, Sign up, and transfer the funds. Once your recipient receives the money, you will receive a voucher for the $30 sign-up bonus, which you can use on any of your future transfers.

With WorldRemit, you can benefit from low fees, secure payments, fast transfers, and great rates. You will also be able to track your transfers in real-time and receive notifications as soon as they have been delivered.

  1. Sign up through a current member’s referral code.
  2. Send USD 50 or more with WorldRemit.
  3. You’ll get $30 (also, you may be able to stack one of the promo codes on this page to get free transfers). You will be emailed a USD 30 WorldRemit voucher code.

Benefits of Using WorldRemit Money Transfer Apps

WorldRemit is a popular money transfer app that offers a number of benefits to its users, including:

  • Convenience: WorldRemit is a mobile app, so you can send money from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can also save your recipient’s details so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you send a transfer.
  • Speed: WorldRemit transfers are typically processed very quickly, with many transfers arriving within minutes. This is especially important if you need to send money to someone who needs it urgently.
  • Low fees: WorldRemit’s fees are generally lower than those charged by banks and other traditional money transfer providers.
  • Transparency: WorldRemit is transparent about its fees and exchange rates, so you can see exactly how much your transfer will cost before you send it.
  • Choice: WorldRemit offers a variety of payout options, so your recipient can choose the method that is most convenient for them. This includes bank transfers, cash pickup, mobile money, and airtime top-up.
  • Security: WorldRemit uses the latest security technologies to protect your money and your personal information.


The WorldRemit Referral Program is a great way to earn money by referring your friends and family to use WorldRemit to send money internationally. With no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn, there is no reason not to sign up and start referring today!


What is a WorldRemit referral code?

A WorldRemit referral code is a unique code that you can share with your friends and family. When they sign up for a WorldRemit account and send their first transfer using your code, you’ll both receive a reward voucher.

How do I get a WorldRemit referral code?

To get a WorldRemit referral code, you need to have made at least one transfer with WorldRemit. Once you have, you can find your code in the “Refer a friend” section of your account.

How do I use a WorldRemit referral code?

To use a WorldRemit referral code, your friend needs to enter it when they sign up for a new WorldRemit account. They can do this on the WorldRemit website or app.

How much is the WorldRemit referral code reward?

The amount of the WorldRemit referral code reward varies depending on the country you’re sending from and the country your friend is sending to. You can see the current rewards on the WorldRemit website.

When do I get my WorldRemit referral code reward?

You’ll receive your WorldRemit referral code reward within 24 hours of your friend sending their first transfer using your code.

How do I use my WorldRemit referral code reward?

To use your WorldRemit referral code reward, simply enter it when you’re sending your next transfer.

Can I use my WorldRemit referral code on my own transfers?

No, you can’t use your WorldRemit referral code on your own transfers.

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