How To Cancel ZEE5 Subscription On Your Streaming Device

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A premium subscription grants you access to regional, national, and worldwide material that is not available elsewhere. All premium and non-paid material can be viewed simultaneously on five devices.

There are three premium packs available, each of which includes access to movies, shows, live TV, before-TV assistance, and multi-device streaming. All-access for a year costs INR 999 (about $14) in India. All-access for a month is INR 99 (about $1.39). All-access for six months is INR 599 (about $8.39). These rates, however, may alter when the service is released in the United States.

There are also new Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada packs, which make it easier to access information in these languages. 

Cancel ZEE5 Subscription

  • ZEE5 subscriptions can be canceled using the same platform where you signed up.
  • In case of doubt, you should cancel your subscription on the platform or device where you are billed.
  • Here’s how to cancel your ESPN+ subscription on iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon and the web.

Is ZEE5 Subscription Worth It?

Those who want to watch a variety of episodes in their local language will find Zee5 to be worthwhile. It also works if you want a free content tier but don’t want to commit to a monthly membership since you’re short on funds. Despite the fact that there are other platforms available, Zee5 has proven to be capable of competing.

If you Do not have a ZEE5 Subscription, then you Can know all the detail about How to Subscribe ZEE5 in USA? And How to watch ZEE5 in USA?

On Zee5, there is a lot of content to choose from. Shows, movies, news, music, videos, and live TV are among the categories. Zee5 Originals are another perk, as is the Premium tier for more titles. The site’s categories are organized similarly to other streaming services like Netflix or Disney Plus. 

You’ll find movies for kids from the 1990s, Oscar nominees, popular trailers and teasers, criminal thrillers, comedy, and more. When it comes to TV shows, they’re organized in such a way that it’s evident that people watch them because they’re like soap operas. The most recent episodes, as well as spoilers for the next episode, are shown, as well as highlights from the previous week for those who wish to catch up on what they’ve missed.

Where can I view my subscription information?

Subscriber information can be found on the My Subscription page.

You will be able to see the following information:

  • Amount of Subscription
  • Duration of Subscription
  • Purchase Date and Status (you can check whether your subscription is active or not)
  • Pack Country is a place where you can find (the country in which you purchased the subscription)
  • Mode of Payment (the mode you used to purchase the subscription)
  • Renewal of Vehicles (whether your subscription will auto-renew or not)
  • Expiration Date (last day of your subscription plan)
  • Date of Cancellation (only appears if you have cancelled auto-renewal of your subscription)

How To Cancel ZEE5 Subscription?

If you still want to cancel your auto-renewal plan, disable the auto-renewal option, and you will no longer be paid. Please be aware that if you cancel your subscription before the end of the subscription period, you will not be able to issue a refund.

You can email [email protected] if you have any problems with Zee5 (or the respective email for your country). If you want to cancel your subscription, there are several options available. 

To avoid billing for the following cycle, go into your account settings and uncheck the auto-renewal option. If you have a fixed subscription that will expire, there is no need to take any additional action. 

Text stop to 155223 from your registered mobile phone to stop billing on the next cycle if you’re signed up via mobile. Customers should be aware that if they cancel a premium plan before the end of the subscription period, they will not be refunded.

What are the other alternatives of Zee5?

ZEE5 subscription plan is the lowest compared to other streaming platforms in the USA. But ZEE5 has only a number of online TV channels, mostly Zee’s channel. So you might be wondering what can be other alternatives to watching Indian tv shows online with a single subscription?

Here are the best alternative of ZEE5 available in the USA

ESPN Plus– ESPN Plus is an online streaming platform that streams live sports events of every Indian sports and US sports. After Hoststar was bought by Disney Media, ESPN Plus is now part of the Disney Bundle package that includes Hulu (no-ad), ESPN Plus and Disney+. Use ESPN Plus promo code 2022 to subscribe Disney Bundle package.

Fubo TV–  FuboTV is considered to be one of the top live TV streaming services. It offers a wide variety of Indian TV Channels. You can watch 100+ live tv channels and many on-demand tv shows. Fubo Tv mainly focuses on Sports streaming content. Read the full Fubo tv subscription review.


The biggest conclusion from our Zee5 testing is that it obviously prioritizes being the primary content destination for members. It’s clear that the streamer wants viewers to stay on the site – and stay on it – with areas dedicated to news and live TV, as well as TV episodes and movies.

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