Lofty Promotion: $25 Sign-Up + Referral Bonus

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Choosing the right assets can provide a regular income stream, good returns, tax advantages, and diversification, and real estate can be a great asset to grow wealth. Lofty is a decentralized real estate marketplace where anybody may invest in cash-flowing rental properties for as little as $50 and start generating rental income. You can also sell at any time with no lock-up periods or minimums.

Join Lofty Promotion and get a $25 Lofty sign-up bonus credit to purchase one real estate token at any available property for $50 and hold your token for at least 90 days. Use the $25 Lofty referral link to join.

As soon as you join the Lofty marketplace, participate in a Lofty referral program and earn a $25 referral bonus for every invited person. The invited person will also get a $25 Lofty sign-up bonus to join Lofty.AI.

So are you considering making a real estate investment? You need to know about the Lofty real estate investing app with blockchain technology.

What is Lofty ai?

Lofty.AI is a leading fractional real estate platform that enables you to invest in properties throughout the United States. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide tokenized Real Estate investment opportunities. Tokenization divides an asset’s ownership into digital tokens (such as a building). These tokens are similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Lofty Ai real estate investment

Lofty AI tokens are fully liquid and can be sold at any time without facing any fee or charges. Investors receive daily rental revenue from the first day they invest, and tokens increase in value monthly as the properties increase.

You can start investing as little as $50 in tokenized real estate and sell it at any time. Cash or Legoland coins can be used to purchase the property. Regularly, interest is collected. Because all returns are computed in US dollars, and crypto is used to simplify buying and selling, the platform is unaffected by cryptocurrency volatility.

Lofty AI intends to contribute to the current housing problem by allowing renters to buy tokens in their renting properties, effectively making them co-owners. The Algorand Foundation’s award will assist Lofty in accomplishing this goal and provide cash to expand their internal secondary market.

Lofty Promotion

Lofty currently has two current promotions in which you can earn up to $1000 Bonus Credit, from the Lofty signup promotion you will earn $25, when you create a verified account in Lofty and another $25 when your friend registers on Lofty through your referral link.

Lofty sign-up bonus: Get a $25 Bonus Credit

Get a $25 bonus credit by creating your free account using Lofty $25 Credit Link, purchasing at least one real estate token in any available property for just $50, and holding your token for at least 90 days or 3months period.

You will get a $25 free bonus credit after holding your real estate token for 90 days, which you can apply toward purchasing another token in the Lofty marketplace. With your $25 bonus credit, you can buy a token at any time and withdraw all of your funds from Lofty without penalty.

Start investing in tokenized real estate properties with Lofty for only $50 and begin earning rental income whenever you want with no lock-up periods or minimums for selling.

How to Claim Lofty $25 Free Credit Bonus?

  1. Go to this $25 Lofty Promotion to sign up for a free account (you must use the referral link to get your bonus).
  2. Validate your identity and connect your Lofty Promotion tokens to your Algorand wallet to complete the registration process.
  3. You can connect an Algorand wallet with Pera Wallet or, which are free and simple to use.
  4. Once you have chosen an accessible property, you must purchase at least one token for $50 on the Lofty real estate marketplace (there are plenty to choose from right now).
  5. If you wish to qualify, you must hold all of the tokens you purchased from your initial Lofty investment for at least 90 days, starting on the day of the investment.
  6. If you hold your token for 90 days, Lofty will credit you $25. You can then use this credit to buy another token on the Lofty marketplace.

The property’s total market value determines the token value at the time of sale, which may be greater or less than $50. When you use your $25 bonus credit to purchase an extra token in the Lofty Promotion, you can sell any lofty Promotion tokens you own immediately (or hold them to continue earning daily rental income).

  1. Lofty Promotion tokens can be sold for roughly $50 each at any time. Your token sale proceeds are entirely under your control.

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Lofty referral program: Get $25 for Each Referral

Once you’ve signed up for the Lofty Promotion, you can participate in the Lofty Referral Program to earn additional token prizes for inviting your friends to invest with Lofty.

Share your lofty referral link or code with friends and family and receive $25 credit when they create an account in lofty. 

  • Refer a friend and receive a $25 Lofty Referral credit when making their first investment and keeping all tokens for 90 days. 
  • Refer five friends and get a $50 Lofty gift certificate when they invest in their first property and keep all tokens purchased for 90 days. 
  • Refer ten friends and receive a $100 Lofty gift certificate and VIP status when they invest in their first property and hold all tokens purchased for 90 days.

Your unique Lofty referral link is available directly in your online account, which you can share with your friends however you like.

Lofty.Ai Features

Lofty aims to make investing in real estate as simple as investing in cryptocurrencies with unique features.

  1. Daily rental income: Earn daily rental income and withdraw it at any time
  2. Tax Advantages: Take advantage of favorable tax deductions like depreciation
  3. Buy & Sell tokens any time:  You can sell tokens at any time. There is no lock-up period.
  4. Decentralized Governance: All property decisions are voted on by token holders

Is Lofty Safe?

The review of is positive. This trust score is derived from an automated analysis of 40 different online data sources, such as the technology used, the company’s location, other websites found on the same web server, etc.

  1. Artificial intelligence allows ordinary investors to invest in fractional real estate with ease. As a blockchain platform, it accomplishes this, but it is not a crypto platform, so there is no risk of crypto volatility.

The principal risk of the investment is similar to that of real estate investing. It is easy to diversify and limit risk due to the lower minimum requirement of USD 50.


Lofty.AI is an innovative platform with a lot of potentials. It is unnecessary to open a foreign bank account for Lofty, Lofty Promotion making it very easy for investors who are not looking for significant investments.

The goal of Lofty AI is to make real estate investing as simple as buying cryptocurrency or stocks. They began their journey in 2019 when they were accepted into the famed Y Combinator accelerator in Silicon Valley. Since then, they’ve collected $5 million in funding and formed a team of real estate, blockchain, and data professionals. 

Buy tokens in cash-flowing rental properties starting at $50 on the Lofty tokenized real estate marketplace. Sell your tokens at any time and for any reason with no lock-up periods or minimums to sell.

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