Steady App Referral Promotion: $25 Bonus & $70 Sign up Bonus

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What if you could make more money and achieve better financial health without putting extra effort? Steady App is a great solution for you to find your dream jobs without searching on different platforms. Steady App helps users to find jobs according to their niche, like Part-time, full time and hourly, in their geographical location.

If you are a college student or recent graduate and are looking for a way to earn some extra money and gain valuable experience, Steady may be the perfect place to start. Sign up for the app earn your daily income up to $25/hr and take part in steady app referral promotion.

Steady apps have a “Booster” promotion where they pay you a real cash bonus for signing up for different programs via their App like Varo, Lili banking, Aspiration, and more. Plus, Steady app referral promotion is also available where they offer a $5 referral bonus for each user and $25 extra when you complete 10 successful referrals.

Steady app

Steady App Booster offers a sign-up bonus of up to $10-$75 to create accounts on several banking and investing services.

Take advantage of the Steady app referral promotion and get $5 for each referral and a $25 extra bonus for 10 successful referrals.

Cash rewards. Financial tracking. Income insights. More ways to earn, the Steady way. Steady members experience an average income increase of $5,500 a year.

What is a Steady App?

Steady started in 2017 because one of the app founders, Adam Roseman, had a specific need. The job market couldn’t fill it, but he knew there had to be an online platform where people with specific skills could be matched up with someone who needed their specialized talent.

The Steady App is here to help you with your job hunt. This free App lists all kinds of jobs (some paying more than $25/hr), which you can search and filter for any that tickle your fancy (this could be part-time work, from home opportunities, or even self-employment) – so you can find the right opportunity for you.

Adam’s aging Dad was struggling to make ends meet in retirement. He was quickly running out of money which he needed in order to be able to afford his daily expenses that were piling up in a hurry.

He felt like there was no way out until Adam told him about a part-time job opening for a telemarketing company that he had just seen advertised on the inter webs.

How Does a Steady App Work?

You can download the Steady App for free from the above link. It provides you with ways to earn money by completing short, easy tasks that fit into your schedule! This App was carefully curated and includes a list of gigs to meet the increasing demand of today’s gig economy.

You can search for gigs according to filters and lists paid work depending on whether it’s a side hustle or a longer-term micro-gig all the way up to traditional full-time jobs.

Simply sign up, and you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter your ZIP code. Once there, scroll through the available side hustles and choose one!

Steady App Sign-up Bonus: $70 Sign-up bonus.

Steady App doesn’t have a sign-up bonus for new users, but users can earn a cash bonus with the Steady app promotion by signing up for different financial and investing services.

Sign up for Steady App

The sign-up process is the same in both the website and on the App. Simply Click on the below button and enter your personal information, and agree to the necessary permissions.

  • While creating an account, you will have the option of inserting your name, phone number, and email address in your profile.
  • Create a unique password that you can easily remember or make one up based on a song title. Recommended if you are likely to forget your password and not give it out to anyone who requests it.
  • Link your bank account to get cash rewards and gift cards. Remember paypal account does not qualify as a bank account, so you must choose another fully operated bank.
  • Once all the information has been verified, you’re good to go.

Steady App Referral Promotions

Steady App referral promotion offers a $5 refer-a-friend reward for every user invited. Invite 10or more people and earn an extra $25 Steady app referral bonus. Share your referral links with friends and family now and help them to find their suited job.

How to qualify for the Steady app Referral promotion?

Newly joined users are eligible to take part in the Steady app referral program. Invite your friends to join the steady App and earn $5 for each with no limitation in referral.

  • Send them a unique referral link to join the Steady App.
  • Invitees must link their bank account to the steady App. Connecting a Paypal account does not qualify for referral rewards.
  • After an invited user successfully linked their bank account, the steady App will send you a $5 digital gift card.
  • Rewards can be accessed every Friday.

Note: There is no limit on referrals; you can invite as much you want.

How Does a Steady App Make Money?

Since the Steady App is free to download and use, you may wonder how they make money and keep the lights on.

Steady earns money in much the same way we do here at Tech Bloke Code by generating leads and making affiliate marketing sales for companies that they assist.

Steady is here to help make the transition into entrepreneurship as simple and stress-free as possible. That’s why we partner with awesome companies like Google, Apple, Intel, Uber, and others to connect you with opportunities that are suited to your skills and experience level!

They also market different financial products to you and could very well make money if you sign up for the products or services they recommend.

Steady App Pros and cons:

The App is Totally free.Not as many traditional jobs as I was hoping to see only a limited platform available.
Excellent UI and UX design make it intuitive to use.Your earning potential isn’t listed for every job.
Provides legitimate services; wide variety of gigs are available in the palm of your hand with a steady AppThe filter is inadequate for diverse needs as per your requirement.
Additional features like the Income Tracker and Income Booster will also help you


Steady is more of a digital employment marketplace. Instead of showcasing job vacancies like other apps, Steady’s main focus is connecting companies with talented professionals and providing entrepreneurs with a way to both hire and find workers.

Steady helps you work with both local and global freelancers. No matter what kind of job you need to be done, there are plenty of qualified people who can help out.

I hope Steady focuses their efforts on better categorizing its jobs by location. For example, it’d be great to see more remote positions in the “work from home and work anytime” categories as well as more part-time opportunities in the “work from home” category!

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