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Shef is an online platform that delivers the best homemade dishes in the office and home. Sehf has the best cooks who make delicious dishes and meals for the foodie person. They just started their service in Dallas, USA.

Use Shef promo codeHELPINGDESI and get $25 OFF on your first order.

Shef provides time to time offers on every big occasion like NewYear, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, and many more upcoming festivals.

One best thing about Shef is that you can also be a cook on Shef.com. Apply for a cook role in Shef and upload the meals that you want to deliver to the Shef users. There is no charge for uploading meals. However, the website takes 15% of a cooked meal’s revenue for customer service marketing and payment support.

Order your first meal from Shef and get $25 OFF on your first order. Shef promotion also has referral rewards for its users to earn $20 credit on every user they invite via the referral link.

Currently, Shef food service is available in many us states, including San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Huston, Boston, and Austin.

How does Shef work?

There are two sides to Shef’s business. 

One for the customers who want to buy the best homemade food on the platform and the other for the Chefs who want to make food and deliver the food to Shef customers.

How to order food from shef.com

  • Visit the official site shef.com
  • Create an account to order food
  • In the third step, enter the area pin code to check food availability
  • Choose your dish or cook to proceed with the order

In the checkout, Enter Shef- Promo Code- HELPINGDESI to get $25 off on your first order. The order Should be more than $40.

Shef Promotion Referral rewards

Earn $10 in credits when a friend signs up and places an order using your referral link. Your friend gets $10 off their first two orders ($20 total).

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