13 Best Legal Side Hustles To Make Extra Money Online 2024

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Are you ready for a side hustle? With so many different side hustles, it can be not very clear to pick one that’s right for you. Fortunately, we researched for you and rounded up the most profitable legal side hustles that require little to no startup money.

These are legal ways to hustle and make extra money on the side. I’ve never been one for sitting around and waiting for things to happen. In this post, we’ll go through some ideas for side hustles you can try today.

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Best Legal Side Hustles To Earn Money

1. Start a drop shipping business.

You can dropship products without having to keep products if you use dropshipping. Instead, you have the product shipped directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler. This allows you to avoid any overhead costs of keeping inventory and gives you more time to focus on marketing your store.

While there are many different ways of starting a dropshipping business, I will outline the most straightforward way here:

Choose what type of store you want (eBay or Shopify), then sign up for an account. Next, decide the products to sell by looking at Google Trends. You can find these popular items by researching what’s currently in demand.

Amazon’s best sellers list is also a good idea. They are very organized with their product selection process and won’t sell anything unless it has proven demand from their customers first!

Once you find something that interests you, research it thoroughly until it’s perfect before ordering it so that it doesn’t get returned after shipping due to poor quality assurance later down the road.

2. Start a wholesale business.

A wholesale business is a business that buys goods in large quantities to sell them at a lower price to retailers. You can start with a small order of goods to see if there’s enough demand for your products and then increase your inventory once you know it’s worth pursuing.

You can use the drop shipping business model to sell these products by linking up with an existing supplier who will drop ship them directly to customers on your behalf, or you could sell your own items through an e-commerce website such as Etsy or Shopify.

Wholesale revenue is often quite profitable because you need only one inventory item per order. Many people are willing to pay more than they would at retail prices if they don’t have many options available nearby where they live or work.

3. Work as a freelancer.

You can work for yourself, a company, a cause or charity, an NGO or non-profit organization, or even the government. The list is endless. 

You need to figure out what you want to do. I would advise starting with something you’re passionate about because it will help you get through the hard times and keep going no matter what!

Freelancing is great because you can work for yourself, a company, a cause or charity, an NGO or non-profit organization, or even the government.

The list is endless. You just need to figure out what you’re passionate about and start there. I recommend starting with something you’re passionate about because it will keep you going no matter what!

4. Become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make passive income. You promote products and services sold by someone else in exchange for a commission on the sale. It’s like a salesperson who doesn’t have to worry about selling anything because you just promote other people’s products.

The best part? You don’t even have to be an expert in your field! All that’s necessary is an interest and a website where people can learn about whatever you’re selling.

If a customer wants more details about it or wants to buy something for themselves, they’ll come directly to your site rather than searching elsewhere on Google or Amazon.

5. Launch a print-on-demand store.

A great side hustle is a print on demand because it can be used to sell any product that you find someone to make. For example, if you like art, you could create an online store that sells your paintings and prints.

Do you want to build a prototype without breaking the bank? Printing on demand would allow you to test your ideas in the real world without having to manufacture thousands of units at once just for one prototype model.

In general, there are three main advantages of launching a print-on-demand store over selling products through traditional wholesale channels:

  • You don’t have any upfront costs (other than creating the product itself).
  • Inventory and shipping equipment like robots and trucks do not require warehouse space; everything can be handled from home!
  • Getting the word out about what’s available via a platform’s marketplace features is easier than ever, thanks to the many companies that handle all aspects of it, such as Google Shopping Ads (GSA) or Facebook Marketplace ads (FBM).

6. Sell information products or Ebook.

You can turn your information into a product and sell it. You can start with something simple like an ebook or a one-time workshop and add products to your offer as you go.

I’ve seen people make six figures doing this! It’s a great way to make money online because you don’t need much experience or even any to get started. 

And if the idea of creating products sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We have plenty of resources available on how best to do so without any knowledge beforehand.

7. Property Preservation Contractor.

A property preservation contractor is someone who works on a building’s exterior. They may work on the structure, such as masonry or carpentry, or they could be making repairs to the roof or exterior walls.

PCPs are responsible for keeping buildings in good condition, so they don’t have to be destroyed. A PCP will help property owners avoid paying for unreasonable demolition costs if their properties have safety concerns.

You’ve already established yourself as a Property Preservation Vendor (PPV), and you’re ready to start your own business now that you know you want to be part of this lucrative business.

Bank connections are the best position for a foreclosed property business. The bank usually neglects foreclosed properties, so it pays someone to take care of them.

Even if the original homeowners are still on the property, they may not be caring for it. In this case, you need the help of a property preservation company.

8. Virtual Assistant.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who offers administrative services from a remote location. 

Typical tasks a virtual assistant might do include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for virtual assistant services. As a result, businesses prefer outsourcing, and workers prefer working remotely. 

Virtual services save business owners a lot of money. You don’t have to rent an office as a business owner and can hire a virtual assistant.

9. Blogger.

Blogging is a great side hustle because it’s flexible and can be done from anywhere. If you want to make money blogging, creating original content that people will want to read and share is important.

There are many ways to monetize your blog: You can sell advertising space or accept sponsored posts in exchange for payment (or free products).

This is an excellent way for companies to spread their message while reaching out to potential customers simultaneously, but you have to consider what kind of ads will work best with your audience.

If you’re unsure where to start with your blog, consider using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to increase awareness about who you are and what subjects matter most in terms of topics covered by posts written by other writers online today.

10. Social Media Manager.

In most organizations, a Social Media Manager is responsible for monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring a product, brand, corporation, or individual’s social media presence. 

It is possible to work as a social media manager from anywhere in the world. Part-time work from home or anywhere else is a great option for someone with a flexible schedule.

A social media manager helps companies market themselves on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Managing databases of contacts, creating content for their websites, and maintaining their blogs are also possible.

11. Sell on Amazon.

As well as being a popular platform for sellers, Amazon is also a popular platform for buyers. As sellers’ demands rise, Amazon has introduced its FBA service to help them leverage the platform’s powerful distribution network and customer base. For retailers, this is the most popular choice of platform.

Selling on Amazon is the ultimate solution for busy people who don’t have time to sell their products. You can set up a storefront and then list individual items you find on sites like eBay or Etsy.

Or, if you want to make more money, you can find products wholesale and sell them directly to buyers on Amazon. It’s a great opportunity to start your side hustle.

12. Flip Products from Flea Markets.

Many people know about flipping real estate, but there are many other items you can sell.

For example, you can make money by reselling items from thrift stores, auctions, yard sales, and flea markets.

Flipping at flea markets involves purchasing items for low prices in places like yard sales and then selling them online on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and other selling sites for a profit. If you invest $100 or $10, you have the potential to turn it into $1,000.

The idea of flipping furniture for profit appeals to many people, but they claim they “don’t have the money.”

Even Craiglist’s “Free” section is great for finding hidden treasures when flipping at flea markets. Finding the best deals and earning extra income has never been easier!

13. Driving With Uber

As an Uber driver, you have to set aside a percentage of your earnings to cover taxes. The company sends every driver a tax summary and, if you’ve earned enough, a 1099 form at the end of the year to include with your annual tax return.

You must fulfill the following conditions in order to drive for Uber:

  • You must be at least the legal driving age in your city.
  • In order to drive legally in the United States, you must have at least one year of experience or three years if you are under the age of 23.
  • A current U.S. driver’s license is required.
  • You must drive a four-door vehicle that is eligible.

Depending on where they drive, most drivers make between $5 and $26 per hour before accounting for expenses such as gas, tax, and car maintenance. 

Uber sometimes offers cash bonuses to new drivers, too. For example, the company has been known to offer up to $500 to Lyft drivers to join.


The social media manager is a job title that can be done from anywhere. It’s a great part-time gig for someone with a flexible schedule who wants to work from home or anywhere else.

As a social media manager, you’ll help companies market themselves on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

 You may also run their websites or blogs, create content for those sites and manage company contacts databases.

I hope you’re ready to take on the world and make a ton of money with your side hustle. I hope this article was helpful and informative, but ultimately, the only way to know if something is right for you is by trying it out.

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