Float Card Referral Code: Get $500 Amazon Gift Card And $500 Referral Bonus

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Are you a business owner that keeps losing track of your expenses? Then Float Card is the perfect option for you. Float Card is a smart management platform that helps small business owners to keep track of their spending. As a new owner, you will get a $500 Amazon gift card.

Get a $500 Amazon Gift card when you open a Float Card account using this Float Card referral code “REFROR1631” and spend a minimum of $25000 CAD. To get this bonus, you must own a business and use the referral code to sign up.

Float Card has a referral program that offers a $500 Amazon gift card when you invite someone to join the platform using your unique Float Card referral code. Invited users will also get a $500 Amazon Gift card.

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In this article, you will find the Float Card referral code and complete steps to apply the code.

Float Card Referral Code: Use Latest $500 Gift Card Promo Code

Use the latest Float Card referral code of 2023 to get a $500 Amazon Gift Card bonus. Below are the latest Float Card referral codes.

  • Float Card referral code – REFROR1631
  • Float Card referral code 2023 – REFROR1631
  • Float Card referral code $500 – ARUNUF3116
  • Float Card new user promo code – REFROR1631

How Do I Use Float Card Referral Code?

  1. Visit this link to open a new Float Card account.
  2. Enter your company name and email to verify your account.
  3. During sign, click on “have a referral code” to enter the referral code.
  4. Click on Apply to complete the process.
  5. You can also sign up via this Float Card referral link (referral code applied) to get the bonus.

All the referral codes are here working, and you can check out more details on how to use the Float Card referral code.

Float Card Sign Up Bonus: Get $500 Amazon Gift Card

Float Card sign up bonus is offering a $500 Amazon gift card for every new user who signs up via this referral link and spends a minimum of $25,000 with the card. A bonus will be added once you complete all the requirements.

How To Claim Float Card Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Go to this link to open a new Float card account.
  2. Enter your business details to create a verified account.
  3. Enter the referral code while signing up and click on apply.
  4. Spend a minimum of $25,000 with your Float Card to get a $500 bonus.
  5. A $500 Amazon gift card will be added once you complete all the steps.

Float Card Referral Bonus: Get $500, Give $500

After signing up, you can take advantage of the Float Card referral program and invite small business owners with your unique Float Card referral code to earn a $500 Amazon Gift Card. A referral bonus will be added once your referral spends a minimum of $25,000 with their card.

Steps To Earn Float Card Referral Bonus

  1. Open the browser and log in to your Float Card account.
  2. Go to My profile and click on the Referral tab.
  3. Click on Get My Code to copy your Float Card code.
  4. Share your code with your business owner’s friends and ask them to join.
  5. Once they sign up and spend a minimum of $25,000, they will earn $500 worth of gift cards.
  6. Referred users will also earn a $500 cashback when they spend $25,000 CAD.

Is Float Card Legit?

Yes, Float Card is a completely legit and trusted money management platform. It is already backed by the best ventures and trusted investors in the world, like Tiger Global, Garage Capital, and Susa. Business owners will find it really helpful to manage their money.


Float Card is the best platform for small business owners who need to keep track of their money spending. With its easy-to-manage interface, Float Card is really helpful for business owners. And new users who register will get a $500 cash back Amazon Gift card to sign up and $500 for every new person they invite.

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