Extrabux Sign Up Bonus: Earn $20 New User Bonus And $5 Referral (Unlimited)

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Do you want to earn high cashback while shopping online? Extrabux allows you to earn up to 30% cashback while making purchases through their stores. And when you first create an account, you earn $20 as Extrabux sign up bonus in addition to the cashback. 

Earn a $20 Extrabux sign up bonus when you open a new account via this referral link and earn a minimum of $75 in cash back within 180 days. Plus, you will earn an extra $5 Extrabux referral bonus for every new user you invite on the platform.

Claim $20 Extrabux Sign Up Bonus

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In this article, we’ll have a look at the bonuses offered by Extrabux and learn the simplest steps to claim these bonuses.

What is Extrabux?

Extrabux is a shopping cashback site that rewards shoppers for shopping online. It has more than 20000 stores where buyers can choose and get up to 30% cash back on every purchase. Not only cashback users will also get coupons and deals to save money.

Extrabux is the best cashback site in 2023 and rewards more cashback than top cashback platforms like Maxrebates, TopCashback, and Checkout51.

Extrabux At a Glance

Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about Extrabux and its best features:

  • It offers the best coupons, product deals, and exclusive deals from various companies.
  • The platform helps you find the lowest price possible for any item you’re searching for.
  • It does all the hard work for you in finding the best deals and discounts.
  • When you create an account, you’ll receive a $5 Extra sign-up bonus to start you off on your savings.

Extrabux $20 Sign-Up Bonus: Earn by Signing up!

Get started and earn a $20 Extrabux sign-up bonus just for creating an account using our referral link. That’s right, just by signing up, you’ll get $20 to spend on whatever you like!

Here are the simple steps to earn your $20:

  1. Visit this Extrabux referral link to open a new account.
  2. Click on the referral link and it will take you to the Extrabux sign-up page.
  3. Create your account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  4. Make a qualifying purchase through Extrabux within a set time frame.
  5. Once your purchase is verified, you’ll receive a $20 cash back bonus in your Extrabux account.

That’s it! In just a few minutes, you can start earning cash back on your online purchases and receive a $20 bonus just for signing up with Extrabux. 

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Extrabux $5 Referral Bonus: Invite & Earn

Extrabux has a referral program that users can join and earn a $5 Extrabux referral bonus. Share your unique Extrabux referral link with your friends and on social media to claim Extrabux referral bonus.

Invited users will also earn a $20 Extrabux sign up bonus when they use your referral link to join and earn $75 in cashback.

Steps to earn the Extrabux referral bonus

  1. Click on the “Refer a Friend” button in your account dashboard or navigate to the referral program page.
  2. Copy your unique referral link or enter your friend’s email address to send an invite directly.
  3. When your referral signs up and makes a qualifying purchase, you’ll earn a $5 cash back bonus.
  4. For the next year, you’ll also receive 5% of your referral’s cashback earnings every time they shop via Extrabux.

And your referred friend will also receive a $5 Extrabux sign-up bonus. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so share your link with as many people as you like. 

How Does Extrabux Work?

Extrabux partners with various merchants to offer you cash rebates for shopping through their network. When you make a purchase through Extrabux, the merchant pays them a commission for referring you. Extrabux then passes a portion of this commission to you. This means you earn money just for shopping online!

Merchants offer special discounts and promotional coupon codes that are exclusive to Extrabux members, which means you can get discounts and cash rebates at the same time. So not only are you earning cash rebates on your purchases, but you’re also getting access to exclusive deals and discounts that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

To get started with Extrabux, all you have to do is sign up for a free account and start shopping through their platform to start earning cash rebates on your purchases. 

Earning Cashback with Extrabux

Here are the steps to use Extrabux and earn cashback while shopping:

  1. Sign up by providing your email and password.
  2. Search for a store using the search feature on Extrabux’s website. With over 2,500 stores to choose from, you can find a wide variety of products and services without leaving your home.
  3. Start shopping by choosing your desired store and product. You can either use coupons to get discounts or purchase directly on the website for great discounts.
  4. Pay for your purchases and wait for the products or services to arrive.
  5. Claim your Extrabux within 1 to 7 days. The process includes the Pending, Processing, Available, and Paid stages.

Cashback Payment with Extrabux

To withdraw your cashback with Extrabux, there are a couple of requirements you need to meet. Firstly, you must make at least one purchase and accrue a minimum of $10 in Cashback. Once you meet these requirements, you can choose to have your Cashback mailed to you in the form of a check or deposited directly into your PayPal account. 

Additionally, if you’re feeling generous, you can opt to donate your Cashback to a charity of your choice, and pay it forward to those in need.

Top Extrabux Features

Now, let’s learn about the best features that Extrabux offers:

  • Merchants: Over 2,000 available on Extrabux
  • Cash Back Percentage: Earn between 1% to 30% cash back on purchases
  • Payout Options: Choose between receiving cash back through PayPal or check, with payouts made every 45 days.
  • Minimum Payout Amount: You must have at least $5.01 in cash back to request a payout.
  • Mobile Application: Extrabux offers a mobile application for convenient access to your cash back and shopping opportunities.

Is Extrabux Safe & Legit?

Yes, Extrabux has positive feedback from sources like Daily News and ABC’s Good Morning America. While there have been some negative comments, the platform appears to be safe and legitimate. So, my recommendation is to try it out on a small scale first before making bigger purchases.


Extrabux is a great option for those who enjoy shopping online and want to earn cash back on their purchases. It has a wide variety of stores and high cash back rates. And the site is mobile-friendly, making it easy to use on the go. 

Plus, you can earn a free $5 Extrabux sign-up bonus. And invite friends to earn more with referral rewards. Give it a try yourself and earn while shopping!

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