Tantra Labs Free Bitcoin | Earn $100 BTC Bonus and 12% APY on BTC/ETH

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Virtual currency like Bitcoin and Etherum are in trend. Many people are buying and holding it for long term. Few people prefer to put money in Fixed deposit because they gain interest but now people don’t have to worry because Tantra labs bring you Interest back.

Yes, you heard right, Tantra, the platform that offers the highest interest rates on Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can earn up to 12% interest back if you put your Bitcoin and Ethereum with Tantra Labs.

Plus you can earn up to $100 in bonuses just by opening a free account. as well which means there are even more benefits waiting inside this company’s doors – don’t miss out!!

Earn $100 BTC Bonus On Tantra Labs

It’s never been more profitable to invest in crypto! If you are an accredited investor, then this is the perfect time of year. Earn $100 Tantra Lab sign up with our exclusive offer for new users who sign up with this link.

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Go to get.tantralabs.io/earn-100/ and enter your email address to start earning the $100 BTC bonus.

You can get up to $100 in Bitcoin just for registering with Tantra Labs and verifying your accredited investor status. There’s no deposit required, so it’s free money!

You just need to verify your U.S. citizenship, investor accreditation, and you complete the necessary documents.

Tantra labs earning

You can only participate in this Tantra Labs Bitcoin promotion if you are an accredited investor from the United States.

The individual accredited investor program is designed to make it easier for you, if your annual income exceeds $200,000 ($300K joint) and the expectation of earning that same or higher in the current year. You also need a net worth exceeding 1 million dollars either individually or jointly with spouse (excludes primary residence value).

Can you think your 1 Bitcoin can grow 200% in 10 years with Tantra labs. I have checked the calculator on their site:

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About Tantra Labs

Tantra Labs is a team of researchers, engineers and data scientists who want to help build a future that will be more prosperous. They focus their work on Bitcoin because they know it’s going places!

As a proprietary trading desk, Tantra Labs speculates on the future price of crypto assets in order to make more money. And by lending Bitcoin or Ethereum to their fund you can share in those profits too!

Tantra Labs free bitcoin

Interest rates are as low as 1% and there is no minimum deposit required to qualify for the interest rate, but you must agree to a 12-month or 6 month loan term. You won’t be able to withdraw your holdings before then because it’s attached directly to something that cannot legally leave someone else’s possession: themselves!

You can choose to withdraw funds at the end of any 12-month or 6-month term. Additionally, you will be automatically renewed if you want your principle and interest returned in another loan period!

Features of a Tantra Labs account

  • Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum and earn as much as 12% interest.
  • 12-month terms are charged at 12% APR, and 6-month terms are charged at 9% APR.
  • Interest rates do not require a minimum deposit.
  • Instantly deposit BTC and ETH whenever you want to invest.
  • You can track interest and loans in real-time.
  • Insurance coverage for multi-signature assets.

Benefits and Investment opportunities with Tantra Labs

Are you interested in earning a high interest rate on your investments account? If so, then Tantra Labs is perfect for you! They offer up to 12% with no minimum deposit required and it’s an accredited investor account.

According to Tantra Labs, its products are currently available to accredited investors, older than 18 regardless of their jurisdiction of residency, except for: New York, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and any other jurisdiction that the United States of America has embargoed.

Tantra labs investment


What is Tantra Labs?

Trading desk Tantra Lab specializes in generating alpha on Bitcoin and Ethereum by using an algorithmic market maker.

Why should I store any of my crypto in Tantra?

Many holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum are not able to take advantage of the high returns that these currencies offer. By allocating your assets into Tantra, you will be making them work for their keep by earning up 12% APY with pay back in BTC or ETH if holding for longer periods like many investors do today!

Tantra labs offers products for cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Tantra Labs company that has been around for 10 years and believes in the power of cryptocurrency. They’ll be providing you with access to our proprietary trading strategies, which allow traders like yourself an opportunity at success through both traditional investing methods as well as leveraging blockchain technology-based assets such as Ethereum when they offer favorable conditions (i.e. price movements).

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