ShopKick Reviews by Real Users in 2022: Is Shopkick Legit?

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As you know, cashback apps will help you to save money for making purchases, but Shopkick gives rewards just for scanning barcodes or visiting stores. Because of this, many people wonder if is Shopkick legit.

Our team researched and compiled the best Shopkick reviews of 2022 because I’m sure you have many more questions about the Shopkick cashback program. In addition, we gathered real Shopkick user testimonials, so without wasting time, let’s read this article to the end and see if Shopkick is right for you. 

In this Shopkick reviews, you will learn whether Shopkick is legit, how much money you can make with this app, and whether it is worth your time.

Is Shopkick Legit?

Is Shopkick legit

Yes, Shopkick is a legit app, and You can earn rewards by visiting stores and scanning products with the Shopkick app. You can earn points for walking into stores, using the app, and more. There are so many ways to earn points with Shopkick that you can use them on everything from gift cards to donations to charity. Facts that make Shopkick legit are below:

  • Shopkick is not a scam or hoax; it’s a legitimate app that has been around since 2009.
  • Shopkick is a shopping app.
  • Shopkick is a cashback app that rewards you with points when you shop at stores like Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and more.
  • Shopkick offers the ability to pay with your phone at the checkout by scanning barcodes of products while shopping in stores or online using the browser extension (for desktop browsing).
  • Shopkick has 8 investors, including Employee Stock Option Fund and SevenVentures. So you are backed up with reliable companies.
  • Total Users: Shopkick is a rewards app used at over 40,000 stores. And total users are over 250,000.
  • It’s available on iOS and Android, and if it is not legit, then it could have been banned by Apple or Android. 

How Much Can You Earn on Shopkick?

Shopkick has partnered with over 100 retailers, so there’s a good chance that almost any store you shop at will be available on Shopkick.

You can redeem points for gift cards from many different retailers in the United States and Canada. Just log into your account, select a gift card and enter the amount of points you want to redeem.

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Redeeming Shopkick Points

Another way you can redeem your Shopkick points is by converting them into gift cards. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of brands, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Taco Bell. The value of each retailer will depend on how many points you have.

The other reward options available include discount coupons or cash back. It’s important to note that there are only two ways to earn discounts through Shopkick: either by scanning receipts or by shopping at participating stores with the app open on your phone. In contrast, they scan the barcode on your receipt (it doesn’t matter if you didn’t make any purchases). If you don’t want to shop at any of these stores, this program won’t benefit you.

If you’re looking for merchandise instead of gift cards or cash back, then consider redeeming your points for merchandise such as apparel or accessories through the “Shop Now” tab in the app’s main menu screen; however, keep in mind that some items cost more than others and might not always be available due to limited stock levels at certain retailers–so keep checking back frequently if necessary!

Shopkick Reviews

On both Google Play and Apple App Store, Shopkick has generally received positive reviews.

App Store rating is 4.7, and Google Play rating is 4.4. Many users gave even 5 out of 5. 

Shopkick Pros:

  • This App is Free, and even you can earn a sign up bonus to join Shopkick.
  • Earn rewards for walking into stores.
  • You can earn rewards without spending any money.
  • Earn more rewards on daily shopping, including grocerry if you buy partner brands. You need to upload the receipt.  
  • Shopkick rewards can be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal cash, and more.

Shopkick Cons:

  • Only works at certain stores (but is pretty much everywhere).
  • Highly promoting to Brands, and sometimes people buy unnecessary stuff to get the kick reward.
  • One of the most common issues is low payouts, and many users think this may not be worth their time.
  • Poor customer support. 
  • Lack of opportunities to earn rewards.

Shopkick Reviews entered by the user:

You can read the following reviews and decide whether Shopkick is right for you. More reviews are listed on Shopkick’s site.

Alicia from Arizona says: I have made at least 100 dollars with this app!

She recommended this to others and gave it a 5-star rating. All the other reward apps either don’t work or are just boring. I look forward to going shopping and making money while scanning.

Keegan from California gave a 5-star rating and said: Shopkick is Amazing. 

Target gift cards are easy to redeem. I recently redeemed a $10 card for Target. I had no problems using it at all! It is worth a try for anyone looking to make extra money. 

Arun from Texas: Shopkick Does what it says. Whenever I visit the store, I turn the app on and collect free kicks. I redeemed more than $100 gift cards and gave birthday presents to friends. 

How to use the Shopkick app:

The Shopkick app is really simple to use and navigate. All you have to do is open it up, select a store from the list of participating retailers (including all major grocery chains), and then scan any barcode with a “Kick” symbol on the product’s packaging or the price tag. You’ll earn points when you scan a product—the more expensive the item is, the more points you earn! Your daily goal will also vary depending on how many points they want you to get that day; just keep an eye out for emails notifying your current goal so that you’re not wasting time going into stores too often if it isn’t worth your time yet!


If you’re looking for ways to make extra money, Shopkick could be the right choice for you.

Despite the negative reviews and controversy surrounding Shopkick, many positive aspects still exist. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to earn points and redeem them for free products, this app could be a great way to save money on things you need or want.

FAQs of Shopkick Review

How do you withdraw money from shopkick?

Shopkick make is process to withdeaw or add money.To withdraw money from Shopkick Go to My Account> Reddem Rewards then enter your PayPal email id or number.

How do I change my number on shopkick?

All your registered information can be changed except for your Facebook/Google+ account (if linked to your Shopkick account).
To change mobile number on Shopkick:
1.Click the left menu icon on the top left of the home page to access it
2.Scroll down and tap “Settings”
3.By clicking “Account settings”, you can change your email address, phone number and zip code, then clicking “Save”/the checkmark.
4.If you would like to change your name, birthday, or gender, click “Edit profile” and hit “Save”.

How long does it take to get Shopkick gift card?

Most of the Shopkick users earn gift cards in a week and some take 10-15 days. Best way to earn gift card on Shopkick is to conver your kicks point into gift cards.
The more you shop the more you earn on Shopkick.

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