Opencare Gift Card: Get $125 Visa Gift Card for Booking a Dentist And $100 Referral

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What could be better than going to the dentist and getting paid $125 for it? Opencare is a network of the best dentists that helps you to find the dentists near you, and on your first visit, you will get a $125 Opencare gift card.

Use this Opencare promo code “JB352657” to book your first appointment and score a $125 Visa gift card! Simply submit your after appointment receipt to receive it via email.

As an added bonus, refer friends and family members to Opencare and get a whopping Visa gift card $100 gift card! That’s on top of your regular $50 Opencare referral bonus for each friend who signs up and books care. Share your unique code today and start saving on healthcare together!

Current Opencare promotion:

  • Get a $125 Visa gift card to book your first appointment with Opencare.
  • Receive a $100 Opencare referral bonus to invite friends and family members.
  • $100 sign up bonus after you scan your booking receipt.

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In this article, you will find out how to get an Opencare gift card and keep track of your $100 Opencare referral bonus.

What is Opencare?

Opencare is an online service that helps users to find the top quality dentist nearby. You can choose dentists based on user reviews, and Opencare is completely free to find dentists.


Opencare spends hours finding the best-vetted doctors so patients like you and I can rest assured. With this, you can easily book your appointment with doctors in your free time by simply Opencare account.

Opencare Gift Card Promotion: Get a Free $125 Visa Gift Card

Opencare is offering a $125 Visa gift card on your first appointment. Use this Opencare promo code/link to sign up and upload your receipt after the visit. You will receive a gift card worth $125 via email.

Opencare $125 Giftcard

Note: This offer is for new members only, and the consultant does not qualify for a gift card.

How To Book an Appointment And Get $125?

  1. Visit this link to sign up for an Opencare account.
  2. Enter your details, like your email and address, to book your appointment.
  3. Choose the dentists based on users’ reviews.
  4. Show up to your appointment date and keep the receipt.
  5. Snap a picture of the receipt and upload it.
  6. You will follow up with an email including a $125 gift card.

Opencare Referral Bonus: Get a $100 Visa Gift Card (Limited Time)

Once you sign up for Opencare, you can earn a $100 Visa gift card for inviting friends and family members. Once your referral completes their first visit, you and your referral will get a $100 Opencare referral bonus.

Opencare referral bonus

How To Get an Opencare Referral Bonus?

  1. Simply log in to your Opencare account.
  2. Go to the Invite a Friends tab and copy your personal link.
  3. Share the Opencare referral link with friends and family.
  4. Upon signing up and completing their first visit to Opencare.
  5. You will receive a $100 Opencare referral bonus.

NOTE: The opencare referral bonus of $100 is only valid for a limited time; a regular referral bonus of $50 is available all year long.

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Users Review About Opencare

Opencare users reviews

Here are some user’s experience with Opencare:

  • Alisha L.- “Opencare narrowed my search to less than 10 quality candidates, making it easy to find the right dentist.
  • Hannah B. – “As someone moved to the new city, Opencare made it easy for me to find the top rated dentists.

You can find more user reviews of Opencare on Trustpilot.


Opencare gift card is for everyone who is visiting for their dental care. Opencare is a really great network of top-vetted doctors who make sure that you will find the relief you are looking for. Book your appointment with Opencare and get a $125 Visa gift card on your first visit.

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