Instarem referral code: gv3vUW for $60 Biggest Signup bonus

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Now it’s easier and more rewarding to send money around the world. Instarem provides a competitive exchange rate without any additional charges, allowing you to send your cash abroad with ease! You can also refer friends or earn points for every transfer they receive through the app while enjoying instant transaction processing time in both directions.

Use Instarem Referral Code: gv3vUW to open account and get $60 Bonus

Now there is no need to worry about the exchange rate. International players can use this service to send money to anyone in the world. This convenient service has an advantage over other competitors; It has a very low payment fee. We do not charge you any fees to transfer your money to your country and vice versa. The cost of this transfer is free and is based on the amount remitted and the bank charges in the destination country.

More About Instarem Referral Code

Instarem is one of the fastest-growing money transfer companies. They launched in Australia in 2015 and, in a short time, have grown to operate out of India, Singapore, Hong Kong, the USA, Europe, and Malaysia.

They work specifically in remittances and international transfers, and they can help both individuals and businesses. They pride themselves on low fees and giving you the mid-market rate. So let’s find out if they’re as good as they say.

Instarem Money Transfer

Instarem is a company that specializes in providing competitive exchange rates for money transfers. They offer an easy way to send and receive funds without dealing with complicated international remittance processes, as well as rewarding referrals which you can use towards your next transfer or purchase from the site!

Instarem is designed to make money transfers more convenient, faster, and cheaper. The promo video shows how fast the transaction is completed. It makes use of Instarem Transfer Gateways to access local bank accounts without extra charges.

The principle behind this app is simple: link your account with your bank account, wait for verification and select your preferred amount of money to transfer.

Instarem Referral Code : gv3vUW for $60 Biggest Signup bonus

Use Instarem Referral Code: gv3vUW to get $60 on your First Two transfers and 475 Insatpoints for future transfers. Apply this code while making instarem account.

Referral code: gv3vUW for instaReM, a money transfer platform known for its transparent fee structure and super competitive FX rates (which are provided by Reuters) that are updated in real-time.

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Pay attention to these Money Transfer sites for low rates

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InstaRem Money Pros And Cons


● Firstly, they do offer the exact exchange rate at the time you make your transfer.

● Their website is really easy to use and full of information about the company, how they work, and transparent content about their fees.

● Instarem offers bonuses when you make your first transfer and when you refer new customers.

● The other thing we do like is that you can send US dollars or Euros to multiple countries. For example, you can send US dollars to Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, and you can send Euros to the UK.

● Helpful customer service is the best part of Instarem. They are very supportive and responsive. You will get an instant solution for your problem.


● Just like Transfer Wise does. This is great, but it means their fee is percentage-based. So you need to be careful if you’re making transfers higher than about $10,000 because the fee can really add up.

● Activation of your account can take longer than expected, and they limit your first transfer to $2500 Australian dollars.

● This can be really handy for business transfers. Just make sure the person you’re paying has an account that can receive foreign currency.

How to set up an Instarem account?

The first step in making a transfer with Instarem is going to their website and signing up. This process is pretty simple. Read here how to Signup in Instarem referral.

You’ll need to provide your name and email and a number of personal details like your address and reasons for transferring. Once this is done, you will need to provide some identification documents and wait for your account to be verified.

 Follow these steps to get $60 by using Instarem referral code: gv3vUW

1. You will receive a $60 Signup Bonus (3 times $15 on $1200+ transactions) when you join Promo: WIN45

2. You can earn 400 points = $10 with this Instarem referral code – gv3vUW

3. Getting 75 bonus points and 300 Instarem points within 3 days equal $9

4. Referring friends and people in different forums can earn you up to $1000.

5. Every transaction carries charges, but they tell you upfront, so there are no surprises.

Instarem referral code : gv3vUW

Once you have signed up for the service, it will take 24 to 36 hours for business approval.

It may ask for recipient information and for one trial transaction during signup, but this has no meaning.

An approval process is just a pre-requisite. From there, you can choose the same recipient information as before

With, you will be able to transfer money overseas at low costs.

I have received $45 in signup bonus code: WIN45 and $20 in referral code: gv3vUW so far ($10 per referral by using the below link) and have referred over 20 people.

Now, this is meant to take no more than 24 hours, but a number of Instarem customers report that it takes much longer. So make sure you have to time up your sleeve.


To make a transfer with Instarem you’ll need to go to your customer portal, get a quote and fill in the details of the person you’re paying.

Instarem fees range from 0.25% to 1%, but this all depends on the currencies you’re transferring between. So the best way to find out the cost is to get a direct quote through their site.

In all countries, you can pay Instarem VIA bank or wire transfer, and in some countries, there are other ways you can pay. For example, POLi Pay in Australia and debit cards in Europe.


Now safety is really important when we’re talking about international money transfers. On their website, Instarem speaks of their focus on safety and security. In Australia, they are regulated by ASIC and have an Australian Financial Services License, and they take the protection of your data very seriously.

If you have concerns, you can contact their compliance team via phone or email, and you’ll find all of their regulatory information on their website.

What Makes Instarem Transfer Unique?

Instarem is a company that provides the best Global Network. They have great value, low fees, and FX rates for traders to make money on their funds sent into InstaREM’s exchange or withdrawn as withdrawals up to $10,000/day! Plus, it has multiple languages available in an easy registration process with quick response times.

Instarem Money Transfer Benefits


All-in-all we think that Instarem referral code can be a good option for international money transfers, but there are three main things we think you should be careful of.

Firstly, give yourself plenty of time before your transfer to set up an account in case it takes longer than expected.

Secondly, be careful of their percentage-based fee if you’re transferring more than $10,000.

Thirdly, make sure you’re comfortable doing the transfer entirely online.

Customer service is always there to help you with Instarem. Comparing the total cost of your transfer is the best way to find the cheapest deal. You can use The Currency Shop’s website to compare large reputable and secure money transfer companies in one place. 

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