How To Get Paid to Read Books Aloud

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If you are good at reading books loudly, why not get that recorded and make money. Yes, many sites may be paying money to read books aloud. 

As we all know, reading is a great habit that nourishes your brain’s grey matter and opens up new windows to look at the world. But it is more interesting to make some extra cash from home. This article will list 21 sites where you get paid to read books aloud. 

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Why will someone pay to read books aloud?

Aloud reading is a skill, and fortunately, it’s highly sought after. These companies need either an employee or a freelancer to narrate the audiobooks to sell Audiobooks in the market. Few freelancers are get paid between $50 to $400 per Hour. So if you have interest, talent, and experience in reading aloud, you are just a few steps away from recording your beautiful voice and making money.

 Although you may not generate an active income from it, as a lucrative passive income, it can assist you in keeping up with your daily expenses. And honestly, getting paid for just reading books online is altogether a win-win situation for any bookworm, and if you know how to do it correctly, it can be easy to make money from your passion for reading. 

How to get paid to read books aloud?

You need to research the platform where you want to become a reader in order to make money recording audiobooks. Depending on your choice, you will have to create an account, create a portfolio, and audition for projects.

 There are various platforms out there that are looking for readers to record audiobooks. There will be different requirements for each platform, and some platforms may have tougher competition.

21 sites that pay for reading the book aloud: 

Audio Creative Exchange (ACX)

Audio Creative Exchange (ACX) is the most popular site for get paid to read books aloud. It’s an online marketplace that connects authors with audiobook producers. ACX is a great place to start if you’re interested in narrating books.

Once you’ve signed up, create a profile with relevant experience and upload samples to demonstrate your capabilities. After building a solid profile, You can begin auditioning by recording a few minutes of a manuscript.

Once you get a gig, you’ll begin recording your book. Once the rights-holder approves the first 15 minutes of your audio, you can finish the project and get paid to read books aloud with ACX.

 Vo Planet

Voice PLanet is committed to delivering professional voiceover services as quickly and efficiently as possible. The moment the client posts, all voice actors are free to audition for the project, which allows for a quick hiring process. Vo Planet hires only experienced and professional voice actors who have access to a professional studio. 

Another requirement of this company is to have high-quality demos. There’s a USD 199 annual subscription fee to join this site as soon as your application is submitted. It may take up to 2 business days for your application to be reviewed. The fee includes maintenance, digital storage, advertising, hosting, and promotion. 

Vo Planet does not collect a commission from your earnings. You are entitled to 100% of your client’s earnings. Another advantage of this site is that you can audition for as many jobs as you want as there is no cap on it. 

Voice Jungle

There is a lot to benefit from on the Voice Jungle. For starters, they provide you with all of the audio equipment you will need to start reading audiobooks. The work is pretty steady, and there are many different options for finding your first contract.

For example, there are many narrating jobs that you can audition for if you think you have what it takes to be an audiobook narrator. However, if this does not sound like something that would interest you, then there are also other types of jobs available such as voiceover jobs or even transcriptionist positions.

It may take some time to search through the site before you find something that seems right for you, but once you do find it, it is easy to apply and start working on your first project!

Findaway Voices

The distribution network of Findaway Voices allows new and experienced authors to quickly access a global audiobook market with wonderful alternatives to exclusivity.

The platform also offers narrators the chance to earn money recording audiobooks. 

To make sure you meet the requirements for the site, read the audiobook narrator guide after setting up your profile. 

The rate for narration is based on the agreed PFH (Per Finished Hour). However, rates can be changed at any time. There is a built-in system on the site that tracks the final playback time of produced audio, so there is no need for an invoice.

 Narrators will be paid within 14 days. After the final audio is approved,

Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is a voiceover service connecting creators with artists.

You can create a profile on their site, and prospects will reach out to you when they need a voice artist or producer. They also have a platform where you can search through thousands of projects, apply for jobs, and manage your bookings.

 Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio is a production house that has been producing audiobooks since 1984. They have published over 15,000 audiobooks, including many New York Times bestsellers. This is one of the most long-standing companies in the industry and one of the major players in audiobook production.

They work with 3,000 authors and publishers annually and have a fantastic reputation as a company that pays well for its narrators!

The Brilliance website notes that they hire narrators who are “professional voice actors or skilled amateurs,” so you don’t need to be a professional to get started here.


Fiverr is a hugely popular website where people offer their services for $5. It’s also a great place to earn money online and get your feet wet, but at the same time, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out in the crowd. There are literally thousands of people doing exactly the same thing as you, so you need to be very careful that your gig doesn’t get lost in the sea of other similar gigs.

 Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters is a voiceover marketplace that offers voice-acting jobs to people worldwide. There are new projects posted daily, and the site boasts “more than 10,000 registered users.” Clients can reach out to you directly if they like your profile, or you can apply for jobs on a freelance basis. Unfortunately, you’ll need to pay for a subscription (which starts at €9 per month) before clients can see your profile. You can also sign up as a voice actor or voiceover artist. The site has been around for about ten years and is active on social media—but it seems to be aimed at European audiences, so don’t expect much work outside of that region.


Voices is another online marketplace where you can connect with various businesses and individuals that need voiceover professionals. The site is part of a larger network, Upwork, which is a popular freelance site. This means you can use your Voices profile to fill out your Upwork profile, making it simpler to use the two sites together (ideal if you are just starting on your voiceover journey).

Spoken Realms

Another great site that connects narrators with authors is Spoken Realms. You can find audiobook narration and production jobs in all genres on this platform. You’ll just need to submit a couple of specific auditions to get started.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to see all the listings posted by authors—and they can listen to your audition files as well, so they’ll already know what your voice sounds like when they decide to hire you for any of their projects. The audio quality must be impeccable, and the sample must match the genre of the project being offered.

Spoken Realms also provides audiobook production services, including editing and mastering for both self-narrated books (ones recorded by authors themselves) as well as narrator-recorded books. This is perfect for anyone who wants to start a career narrating audiobooks but doesn’t have much experience with editing/mastering these kinds of audio files yet. All you need is access to good recording equipment like a decent USB microphone, a quiet room with no echo or noise from windows or doors opening and closing, proper lighting and ventilation—and everything else will be taken care of through the company’s digital post-production services!


Backstage is a casting website that allows voice actors to connect with voiceover jobs. You can upload your demo reel, an audio recording of your work, and use the site to apply for jobs that interest you. You also can subscribe for email notifications about open casting calls in your area or online (if you are geographically constrained).

Voice 123

Voice123 is an excellent resource if you’re interested in expanding your voice-acting career. It’s free to join, and the site provides plenty of opportunities for people to find work from home. Voice123 is also beneficial because it allows voice actors to specify their rates, set their working hours, and promote themselves as having skills in any language.


Bodalgo is a platform that matches voice actors with opportunities. You can set your pricing, pay range, and availability in your profile and then wait for the right opportunity (or opportunities) to come up! It’s an excellent option for beginning to intermediate voice actors because there are no auditions required, and it’s free to start an account on the site.

 Mandy Voices

As a voice actor, you can find work on sites like Mandy This is a site where producers can post job listings and then hire the one that best fits their needs. You might get multiple jobs all at once by putting your bid in, but for others, you may have to wait for a call from the producer themselves.

Mandy Voices is more of a platform for voice actors to find work, but it is worth checking out if you want to see what projects are out there and read about them before putting in bids for each one.

 People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a UK-based freelance marketplace that allows authors to hire voiceover talent and audiobook narrators. You can also apply for voiceover jobs from other authors looking for narrators and voiceover artists.

So, if you’re interested in doing audiobook narration on the side or want to start one as your full-time business, give this platform a try!

Here are some other options for getting paid to read books Aloud:

Since you have the important quality of reading books aloud, you can earn more by recording reviews about books, reading manuscripts, proofreading, and more. 

  • Review books

Some major magazines and newspapers may pay a few hundred dollars for a freelance book review, but if you’ve never written professionally, you’re unlikely to get into The New York Times Book Review on your first try.

Then again, there are several websites and niche publications that do pay modest fees per review and may be more open to working with beginners.

  • Read unpublished manuscripts

There are a lot of unpublished manuscripts out there with people willing to pay for someone to come read them.

Literary agents pay readers $25 to $100 to read manuscripts from the “slush pile” and recommend them either for publication or the circular file. You usually have to write up your recommendations.

If you love to read, this job could be great for you.

  • Scout books

This is similar to being a reader for an agent but more proactive. A book scout goes out and finds good manuscripts for publishers and agents.

They attend book fairs and writers’ conferences to ferret out future bestsellers. In the film industry, a book scout reads tons of books and highlights those that could be made into profitable films.

  • Proofread

Several online services offer to proofread anyone’s documents for a fee, and these services often hire freelancers based on online tests.

You may find yourself reading someone’s term paper or business proposal, but if your goal is to work your way up to proofreading books, you have to start somewhere.

The average pay for this job is $15 an hour, even though some sites pay by the page you have read.

Job sites such as Upwork and Freelancer list editing jobs paying $25 to $30 per job.

If you love to read books and are also good at pointing out errors and wrong grammatical constructions, this job is for you.

  • Edit Audiobooks:

Since the books version keeps changing with many new pieces of information so definitely audio version has to be updated. If you love to read same books of next version then this job is for you.or 

If you aren’t sure if you qualify to edit, consider taking an online course. Reference books like The Elements of Style can also help you to be a good edit. 

  • Be a librarian

Almost every job in the library is filled by someone who enjoys reading. It is not uncommon for people who are passionate about books to hold master’s degrees in library science. With all the databases and other media available, librarians are not limited to books anymore. If you love reading, it’s one of the easiest ways to make money.


The fact that audiobooks exist certainly makes it possible to get paid to read books aloud. It means that you, too, could make money narrating audiobooks since these people don’t work for free. The audiobook business is booming, and audiobook professionals get paid to read books aloud. The wage potential for voiceovers and narration professionals is good, setup costs are low, and there is flexibility in working from home. If your passion is reading, becoming an audiobook narrator is a viable way to make money reading books, either as a side job to earn some extra cash or a career path to help you reach your professional goals. Good luck to everyone trying it out, and may it be a lucrative one for you!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can you get paid to read books aloud?

Yes. A quality book reader is always in demand since authors constantly publish new books for the public to enjoy.

How much book readers are paid?

That depends on many factors. Depending on which website you are on, you may earn $5 for reading books, while others may pay more than $1,000 for writing simple reviews.

Do I need previous experience to get paid to read books aloud?

In order to show your portfolio to potential clients, previous experience can be helpful, but it is not necessary to have the experience to be hired to read books. Some platforms require you to submit audition pieces, and your skills will be more important than any previous experience you may have.

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