Backify Review 2022: Earn Cashback To Shop Online

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Cashback sites are one of the most popular ways to save money when shopping online. Backify a new cashback platform that offers cashback Hotels booking, Flights, Clothes, and gift cards. Earn cash from the Bakicfy cashback platform for things you buy every day.

You can shop on more than 1400+ stores available on Backify, which is most compared to other cashback apps like RebatesMeRakuten TopCashback, and MaxRebates. Each store offers a massive amount of cashback when you shop with Backify.

Backify will be on my list of the best cashback apps of 2022. Read this Backify review to learn more about its cashback giving and offer.

Backify Review Full Guide 2022

Backify is a next-generation cashback site that allows you to earn cashback by simply shopping online at your favorite stores. You can either activate your cashback through our website or by adding our extension to your browser, which is by far the easiest and most simple way to earn start earning. It sends you reminders to activate the cashback anytime you land on a supported store.

Backify review

Backify works with over 1600+ retailers and offers up to 10% back on all eligible purchases. Just sign up for free, connect your accounts, and shop as usual! Your Backify account will keep track of all eligible purchases made with any connected retailer and automatically apply for those credits when they clear into your bank account or PayPal account (you won’t even have to request them!)

Backify Cashback And Reward

Backify Cashback is a great way to minimize your shopping expenses, and it also saves you lots of time in shopping. Backify has over !400+ stores users can explore and make a purchase with it.

Every time you shop Backify on its partnered stores, they will add a cashback amount to your account. Browse your favorite stores to shop and earn cashback.

How To earn Cashback with Backify?

It’s easy to earn cash back and shop with Backify. Follow the below process to earn cashback.

  • Use the above button to create an account
  • Install the Backify browser extension or shop directly through Backify stores.
  • Complete your purchase and make a payment.
  • Backifyi will add a cashback amount to your account.

Users can use earned cashback money to shop more or withdraw it directly to their bank account.

Backify Browser Extension

The Backify Browser extension is a free download that you can use to earn cash back on every single website you visit online. It makes it easy to get cashback on top stores you visit online.

Back extension automatic shows the cashback and offers to give a rewarding experience to its users.

Backify’s browser extension works as a “reminder tool,” which lets you know when you visit a store Backify has partnered with, allowing you to earn cashback you would otherwise overlook.

How to install Backify extension?

The Backify browser extension is incredibly easy to set up and use. Here is the full process of installing the extension.

  • Open this link to download the Backify chrome extension.
  • Select Allow extensions from other stores in the banner at the top of the page.
  • Select Allow to confirm.
  • Get cash back on hotel, Flights, shopping, etc.

Unique features of Backify

Cashback for every single purchase

Unlike most cashback sites, which offer cashback for only specific types of purchases, Backify gives you cashback on every single purchase you make online. This means that you can earn money back from pretty much every retailer out there.

This also means that you can earn money back for things like flights, hotels, or even groceries. You can even earn cashback on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now.

Automatic Cashback

Another unique feature of Backify is Automatic Cashback. Automatic cashback is basically a smart system that lets you automatically earn cash back on every single purchase you make online.

When you make a purchase, the Backify Cashback system will automatically find the best cashback offer available for that retailer, click through to that retailer’s website, and then make the purchase using the cashback offer. This way, you’ll automatically earn cash back on every purchase you make online.

Real-time cashback tracking

With most other cashback sites, you have to manually track your cashback earnings and check your account to see how many credits you’ve earned. But not with Backify. With Backify, you can instantly track your cashback earnings as you go. You can do this by clicking the “Earnings” button at the top of the screen and then clicking the “Active Earnings” tab.

Is Backify Legit?

Yes! Backify is legit. Backify users are earning cashback every day on top brands and saving money for their future expenses.

If you have any doubts, contact Backify here.


In our Backify review, we found it very rewarding and easy to use. Earning cash back with Backify is very easy. It’s simple to sign up and get started, and provides plenty of opportunities to earn cashback from your everyday purchases.

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