SoFi Credit Card Review : 2% Cashback & $10 Referral Bonus

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If you are looking for a credit card that gives the highest cashback, the Sofi credit card is the best option. 

The Sofi Credit Card is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to earn cashback on every purchase. You’ll get 2 points per $1 spent worth 2% Cash Back on all purchases, plus 0% APR financing and no annual fee. Plus, Sofi has an exclusive offer; if you Apply now, then you will receive a $100 Bonus after your first purchase with our card.

Just to remember, The SoFi Card’s high regular APR, so plan to pay the card’s bill in full every month. If you do not already have a SoFi account and are not planning to open one in the near future, then the SoFi Credit Card will offer only 1% cashback as a statement credit. 

More About Sofi Card:

The SoFi Credit Card has been around since 2016, so there’s plenty of time for us to get familiar with how it works. But if you haven’t used it before, here’s what you need to know about the SoFi Credit Card.

Sofi Credit Card

Why Sofi credit card?

Sofi’s mission is to help people pay off debt and earn rewards while spending money. The card bills itself as offering unlimited 2% cashback, but you technically earn cashback as rewards points: 2 points for every $1 spent on eligible personal, family, and household purchases.

The Sofi Credit Card is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to earn cash back on every purchase and also does more foreign transactions. Since the Sofi card has no foreign transaction fees, it’s a great option for international travelers. 

Below are other benefits which make Sofi card a winner over its competitors:

  1. Allow Crypto Investing: This is the first credit card that allows cashback investment in Crypto. SoFi Credit Card members can convert their rewards into Crypto since You’ll earn 2% cashback on all purchases, and if you redeem that in Crypto, it will give you huge benefits in the future. We have seen Crypto grown 200% in just one year.
  2. Get 2% unlimited cash back towards early retirement financial goals: Take advantage of 2% cashback on all purchases to help you reach your financial goals in early retirement. You will get 2% cashback on all purchases when you redeem it to pay down eligible debt, save, or invest with SoFi Else; you will get 1% when redeeming for a SoFi Credit Card statement credit.
  3. No annual fee: You can say goodbye to annual fees with a Sofi credit card that doesn’t charge one.
  4. Other Bank bonus offer to look out
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How To Apply for Sofi Credit Card

Sofi Credit Card apply

Join Sodi Credit Card and get $10 reward to Download SoFi app

Enter your Email, Name and Passwords

Fill your full address for direct delievriry of SoFi Credit Card

Other Benefits of Sofi Credit card: 

Rewards that incentivize working toward specific goals

The SoFi Credit Card gently helps you to achieve one step of your financial goals. Applying your cashback toward savings, investing, cryptocurrency, or debt repayment is a way to make earned rewards work even harder for you. But as you use the card, keep in mind that it takes $1,250 of spending to rack up $25 in cashback, assuming you deposit that cashback in a way that yields the full penny-per-point value. The point being, the rewards are nice, but they’re not going to wipe out a large debt.

Get unlimited 2% Cashback

Sofi 2% cashback shopping

SoFi lets you earn 2% cash back on every purchase* when you redeem it for debt repayment, savings, or investing. If you redeem for statement credits on your SoFi Credit Card, you will receive 1%.

No foreign transaction fees:

If you are an international traveler or blogger who does a lot of foreign transactions, then many credit cards charge between 2.9% to 10%, but if you have a Sofi credit card, you will not get any charges. Most of the credit cards, like Chase Sapphire, preferred cards charged annual fees, but they also do not have foreign transaction fees. But with Sofi no annual as well as no foreign transaction fees.

Cell phone protection (insurance coverage up to $1,000)**.:

This is a huge benefit because if you need cell phone protection from cellular companies, you need to pay fees. Like Apple, care to charge $12 per month, but with a Sofi credit card, you are covered. Read the full list of cell phone protection credit card. 

MasterCard ID Theft Protection:

$10 Lyft credit when you take five rides per month: 

This is a $50 monthly saving. 

Quick Facts about rates and fees:


What credit score does SoFi require?

Good to Excellent (670 – 850) However, credit score alone does not guarantee or imply approval for a Sofi card.

Is credit score impact if you apply for SoFi credit card?

Sofi does not impact your score for applying. 

How much welcome bonus for a Sofi c

You will get a $100 Welcome bonus.


By looking at Sofi cashback and features like Cell Phone Insurance Protection, MasterCard ID Theft Protection TM, Lyft, and Other Partner Rewards, Sofi card should have by everyone because you will not pay a single annual fee in your all life. You can easily save $200 every year as cashback, Lyft fees, Foreign transaction, and one time $100 signup bonus. Apply now before they take the $100 Signup bonus away.  

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