Ponce Bank Promotion: $125 Savings Bonus

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Ponce Bank has an exciting new promotion in store for their customers! In honor of opening a new branch, they are offering all new and existing customers $100 when you open a checking account with them. Click on this link to learn more about how to get your hands on this great offer today!

In the world of finance, banks have a reputation for being cold and unapproachable. They are often seen as institutions that exist solely to extract money from their customers. But Ponce Bank is different: it’s not only customer-friendly but human too! In this blog post, we’ll look at how they make banking an enjoyable experience for all who visit them.

Ponce Bank Promotion

About Ponce Bank

Ponce Bank was born in The Bronx, New York City, in 1960. At the time, banks had abandoned their branches and moved to other communities deemed more profitable, but our founders saw the potential within a community they could help work towards financial success.

Ponce Bank takes your savings to a whole new level. At SaveBetter, you can explore and experience the best of what Ponce has to offer with their secure platform that manages all aspects of account management—including operations, customer service, and marketing! The interface is user-friendly and saves time on managing separate accounts since everything happens in one place. Plus, it’s completely free, so there isn’t any excuse not to open an account today at Ponce Bank.

Ponce Bank Promotion: $125 Savings Bonus

Ponce Bank is currently offering a $125 Savings Bonus when you open an account and meet all of the requirements.

If you are new to banking with Ponce Bank, then you will get $125 for that. The requirements start with opening an account and depositing at least $5000 in it within the first 30 days.

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How to join

  • Join SaveBetter.com and use code: READY when you signup
  • Receive $25 in bonus cash when you deposit $5,000 through SaveBetter.com
  • Earn an extra $5 for every $5000 deposit you make after that, up to a total of 125 dollars.
  • To maintain the bonus, you must keep a balance at or above $2.5k for 90 days
  • Maintain your account with balances over $5000 to get rewards on top of that!

Account features

  • Interest on your investment
  • Banking by telephone for free
  • Options for Overdraft Protection
  • statements or paper statements each month
  • You can deposit using your mobile or remote device for free
  • Pay your bills online with no limits

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Ponce Bank Online Savings 0.51% Rate

Assume you are interested in investing money, and you have already considered some traditional methods

The Money Market account is the answer! With this account, not only will you get access to all of the remarkable features like online banking and mobile deposit but also be able to enjoy an excellent interest rate. To apply for one today, go here: <LINK>.

Ponce Bank is offering a great rate on its High Yield Money Market account. You can earn 0.51% APY by opening an account with $1 and maintaining a minimum balance of at least $10,000 in the account after you open it or transfer funds into your new Ponce Bank high yield money market accounts within 30 days of your initial deposit (whichever comes first).

Money Market Account – 0.51% Annual Percentage Yield

Ponce Bank Account Info:

  • Offer for new subscribers
  • Account Type: Money Market High Yield Account
  • Interest Rate: 0.51%
  • Minimum Balance: $10,000
  • Maximum Balance: None
  • Availability: Across the country 
  • Opening Deposit: $500
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: None
  • Additional Requirements: None

Ponce Bank Rates: How to Earn Them

  1. Take advantage of the APY rate on an Online Savings Account.
  2. Make sure that your account balances are up to date.

Why You Should Sign Up For Ponce Bank Account

  • Your deposit earns interest the day it is received
  • The US-based call center is available seven days a week
  • Insurance coverage by the FDIC
  • Log on to your Online Savings Account or open one if you don’t have one already.
  • Maintain at least 60 days of funds and your Balance.
  • Within 14 days of completing the requirements, you will receive the bonus in your account.

Referral Bonuses Earn Extra Cash

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At Ponce Bank, you can earn your money over time with great promotions. You will have peace of mind knowing that the FDIC ensures your money.

Make the most of your money and earn a $125 bonus by opening either an account for checking or savings at Ponce Bank. Sign up through this link before it expires! 

In Addition, the list of best bank promotions can be found here, so make sure to bookmark our page as you’ll always find updated information about Ponce’s deals right here.


How safe is Ponce bank?

While Ponce Bank’s Texas Ratio is 8.42%, it does not mean that the bank will fail anytime soon, though customers should always be aware of its financial state and make sure they are insured with FDIC insurance up to $250,000 for their deposits in case anything happens.

Is Ponce bank FDIC insured?

MMDA’s function like a traditional savings account, but they are insured up to certain limits by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC). If Ponce Bank is an FDIC member, this means that MMDA accounts will be covered under their insurance plan as well.

What is Ally savings rate?

Ally has the best savings account in America. This bank offers a rate of interest that is 0.50% higher than the national average and compounds daily, which means you’ll make more money on your investment compared with banks that compound monthly!

Does Ponce Bank have good savings account?

Ponce Bank has been chosen as one of our favorite high-yield savings accounts overall. It pays a very competitive interest rate, does not require any money to open an account and never charges monthly service fees!

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