Flash Rewards Promotion: $100 Amazon Gift Card

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What if I tell you you can make $100 a day While sitting on your couch! Sounds good, right? I have tested many apps that give free money for doing small tasks like taking paid surveys, shopping online, playing games etc. Yet another app, Flash rewards Promotion, is offering $100 Gift Cards from Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Flash Rewards allow its user to make free money while sitting at home! So we are going to review Flash Rewards, whether it is legit or a scam?

What Is Flash Rewards? 

Flash Rewards is a free platform that allows people to make money from the comfort of their own homes. So all you have to do now is sit back and earn coins to use in the app’s games. The coins you’ve earned can then be exchanged for gift cards from famous e-commerce sites like Nintendo, eBay, Via, or Amazon.

Flash Rewards

Main Source Media, LLC owns and operates the website Flash Rewards. Residents of the United Kingdom can earn $100 or more by sharing their contact information, taking surveys, and completing offers.

Fash Rewards receives a commission from the advertiser whenever you complete an offer through Fash Rewards. However, you will only be paid once you have completed all of the deals.

Flash Rewards differs from most GTP sites in that it allows you to browse and do any job in exchange for points. Instead, before moving on to the next page, you must choose one bargain from a limited number of possibilities on the list. 

Flash Rewards Promotion: Get $100 Gift Card

Flash Rewards Promotion is offering $100 gift cards from companies like Amazon, eBay and Walmart to its new registrations. You must have to sign up through someone’s referral link in order to claim your Flash rewards sign up bonus.

How to Claim $100 Flash Rewards Sign Up Bonus?

Flash Rewards PayPal Promotion
  • Click on the above button you will get redirected to Flash Rewards Sign Up page.
  • Now Sign Up through your email and create a password.
  • Verify your email address and log in to your flash rewards account.
  • Complete your profile and take 1 survey.
  • Done! Your $100 Gift Card will be sent to your mail within 2-3 business days.

How to Make Money from Flash Rewards?

There are plenty of ways to make money from flash rewards. We will look at some of the easiest and fastest ways to make money from flash rewards promotion. Users can earn rewards by signing up for games, subscription products and services, mobile apps, and more. Some of its partners demand payment for every product or service they provide, so you may encounter jobs that provide paid trials rather than free trials.

You can choose from a variety of offers and activities that are divided into various tiers. Downloading and playing games, as well as subscribing to a service, are examples of these tasks. Level 2 has a prize value of $5, for example. To receive the reward, you must execute two deals. Remember to save any confirmation emails or screenshots of your game progress or completion. When you claim your reward, you may be requested to submit them.


The most common way to earn money with Flash Rewards is to download new mobile games to play. Like other game-playing apps, Flash Rewards rewards you for trying out new mobile games. The longer you play, the more coins you’ll earn. There are many different game genres to pick from, and some of the most recent Flash Rewards games are as follows:

  • Clash of Clans
  • Candy Crush 
  • Master of Bingo 
  • Blitz Coins
  • Rise Lucky Level Pirate Kingdom Risk: Munchies for the Grand Harvest
  • Zynga Poker is a Zynga-developed online poker game.


Completing numerous offers is the second key way to earn coins with Flash Rewards.

These deals usually require you to make an online purchase or sign up for a new service.

The following are some examples of current Flash Rewards offers:

  • Trying Disney+ for the first time
  • Ibotta is a popular rewards app that you may sign up for.
  • Hulu subscription
  • S’more, a popular passive income app, is available for download.
  • Creating online bank accounts with a variety of financial institutions
  • Certain retailers provide online shopping.

What do flash Rewards Offer?

Earn Coins Easily

One of the ways we set ourselves apart is that we continue to reward you for playing our games for a long time rather than just installing them. Depending on how long you play and utilize them, you might continue to earn coins toward your gift card!

Special Deals

Do you like bargains and special offers? You’re covered with Flash Rewards! You’ll also find unique offers for app/online services and subscriptions. The more you use Flash Rewards, the more coins you’ll earn toward gift cards!

Content Updates on a Regular Basis

New games and promotions are constantly being added to Flash Rewards, as well as gift card brands such as Visa, PlayStation, Nintendo, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, and others. There’s always a good incentive to come back and see what’s new.

– Earn major brand gift cards

– There are no limits or caps on how many offers you can complete with Flash Rewards – Get rewarded for playing games and using apps on your phone – Fantastic deals and subscriptions for services you’ll want to use

Is Flash Rewards Legit?

It’s uncertain whether Flash Rewards is a scam or not at this time. On the one hand, it appears to be linked to usarewardspot.com, which appears to be a complete hoax based on what I’ve observed. In any case, utilizing several URLs for the same site is a red flag. 

However, there are plenty of legitimate reward sites available, like Swagbucks and Fetch Rewards, that offer free money for completing small tasks. So it’ll really come down to whether or not customers get their gift cards when they’re supposed to. Only time will tell if this is true.

Privacy & Security Concerns:

When you join up for Flash Rewards, you’ll be asked for a lot of personal information, as we said previously. Your entire name, date of birth, address, and phone number are all personal details that could put your security at risk if they fall into the wrong hands.

How to Redeem Flash Rewards Promotion Points?

To cash out on Flash Rewards, you’ll need 5,000 coins, which are worth $5.

I’ve read that you may redeem PayPal cash as a prize starting at $2 in several Flash Rewards reviews, but I’m not sure whether this is accurate, and I can’t find a PayPal cash option.

In any case, some of the rewards available through Flash Rewards include:

  • Gift cards from Amazon
  • Gift cards for Blizzard
  • Credit for the PlayStation Store
  • Gift cards from Nike
  • Visa prepaid cards
  • Gift cards from Starbucks


We haven’t been able to come to any conclusions about Flash Rewards or its dealings. However, it’s always a good idea to do your homework before jumping into something.

It’s worth noting that if you buy subscriptions to finish your offers and then cancel them within 24 hours, Flash Rewards will not consider your purchase valid. 

Flash Rewards has several really profitable earning opportunities, but you must decide whether they are worth the money you will spend on the network. In conclusion, we cannot recommend the Flash Rewards platform to anyone.

Even if it were genuine, you’d waste far too much time and money. If the work outweighs the benefits, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to not join up for the website.

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