Drop App Review: Legit or Scam

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The Drop rewards program was designed to fit your lifestyle. Drop offers cash rewards on everything you do, from your morning coffee delivery to your late-night food delivery. In this Drop app review, we will give every information about Drop app cashback & signup rewards.

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What is the Drop app?

The Drop app rewards you when you shop and then purchase something through the  app. The app works in the same way as other cash-back sites and is available for both iPhones and Androids.

You can also link your Drop profile to your credit card, which you can use for both online and in-store purchases.

The Drop app tracks your debit and credit card purchases and automatically adds Drop points to your account when you spend at certain merchants you’ve picked from their list.

When you reach a certain threshold, you can redeem Drop points for gift cards to popular retailers, like Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Apple, American Airlines, and many more.

How does the Drop app work?

In this drop app review i will share my experience with drop app.

Drop app review

The drop was first only available by referral in the U.S., but now it’s open to everyone. After you’ve joined, you’ll get your own referral link to share with friends (you’ll get 5,000 Drop points, and so will your friend, when they sign-up and link an account).

Get 5,000 Drop points when you sign up with a referral link (worth $5)

You’ll earn ongoing points for merchants you choose from Drop’s list when you download Drop and link your debit and credit card accounts. Whenever you make a purchase with one of these merchants, you’ll earn Drop points (in addition to credit card rewards points and other bonus points).

Drop app easy cash back and rewards

Shop through the Drop app just as you would with other cashback programs like Rakuten. Once your shopping trip is done, and you’ve met the requirements, the Drop points will be added to your account. In addition to games, active shopping offers, and taking surveys, there is a way to earn as well.

The number of points you’ll earn depends on the merchant. You can redeem at a rate of 0.1 cents per Drop point (1,000 Drop points = $1) in increments that vary by retailer.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Sign Up & Connect Your Credit & Debit Cards

Download Drop from the Apple or Google Play Store, signing up is easy. Just open the app and choose your banking institution to connect your debit or credit card.

Note that you need to enter your banking information to connect your cards. Drop uses this information to track how often you shop so that you can earn points appropriately.

This may concern some users. To learn more about Drop’s security, read about Drop’s security. Drop uses the same level of security and encryption as other top FinTech companies.

The following banks are Drop’s current partners:

TD Bank


Bank of America

Wells Fargo





Capital One


American Express


Walmart Rewards

Some other banks are on the list, and you can even search for local banks. Pretty much, if you have a debit or credit card, you’re good to go!



* Shop at over 400 brands you love, and discover ones you’re about to.


* No receipt scanning, no coupon clipping. Earn points automatically every time you shop through the Drop app.


* Redeem your points for gift cards directly in the Drop app – whenever and wherever you want.


* Now you can earn points for playing games, and taking surveys. We’re always adding more ways to earn.

How To Use Drops App: Drops Language Learning Activities

A tutorial showing you how to use Drops app is available when you launch it for the first time. Throughout the learning process, you will also complete activities that will help you remember the words. Each activity is described in instructions.

The Drops language learning activities are really engaging, which was refreshing. This method helps me remember the words I’m learning. In addition to keeping you interested while you learn, they also provide a fun learning environment.

Conclusion of drop app review

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