We are living in a generation, where every individual is so busy running for their dreams that they almost forget about living their life. Undoubtedly, having some fun activities in your day-to-day life is important to keep it interesting and smooth. The workload pressure often results in bad mood swings, tensions and unwanted long-lasting stress, where having a little relaxing time become a necessity. Well, when we talk about relaxation, then without the addition of entertainment, the task seems to be incomplete. Thus, the popular and well-known platform is needed to bring out the smiles, while Hotstar claims to be the best and therefore promise to rank on the top. 

Confuse, what exactly Hotstar is?

Well, HOTSTAR was launched on 11th February 2015 as a video-on-demand streaming service owned by Star India officially. The Hotstar is now owned by Disney+ and combined service is known as Disney+ Hotstar. This streaming service offers live sports, TV serials, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and live news in many regional languages.

Hotstar Plan

The 3 different plans that Hotstar India offers to their clients are-

  1. Free Plan- As the name clarifies, it is completely free for every user around. The services are undoubtedly less but can be a good option if you are new to it. 


– Total allowed screens to watch- 1

– Available video quality- SD

  • VIP Plan- be the very important person of our application and explore the numerous exciting features. The cost is budget-friendly i.e. Rs. 399/year only.


– Delivery of unlimited live sports

– Keeps you ahead by allowing you to watch Hotstar specials and serials a day before TV

– Availability of multiplex and new Indian movies

– Screen sharing allowance- 1

– Video quality- HD

– Allows you to watch Disney, Hollywood and Bollywood movies in different dubbed languages

  • Premium Plan- the best for every premium customer. Either from Rs. 299/month to Rs. 1499/year, choose the best that suits your requirement the most. The availability of premium features is endless.

The premium plan facilities involved-

– Unlimited access to live sports

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